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Actemra 80mg

Actemra 80mg

$ 295.00

Used for adults to treat RA, polyarticular and systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Also giant cell arteritis. Usually, it takes a month to feel an improvement.

1 pcs. 295 USD
3 pcs. 288 USD
10 pcs. 282 USD
30 pcs. 277 USD

About Аctemra 80 mg

Actemra is an immunosuppressant drug that is an interleukin inhibitor, which by structure is a monoclonal antibody. The drug is presented in a dosage form of concentrate, which is converted into a solution for infusion before use.

How can I buy Actemra 80 mg online individually and buy Actemra 80 wholesale?

BeautyDermal is an online store where you can buy Actemra online and also buy Actemra wholesale. BeautyDermal is an Actemra supplier. Actemra price varies in different ranges in different online stores, but BeautyDermal as the Аctemra supplier offers an affordable price and the best delivery.

When can I use Actemra 80 mg?

You may only use Actemra injections after consulting your doctor in detail. Product is assigned when:

  1. treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is possible but provided that the patient has previously been treated with other products and who did not produce results or when the disease is in development stage 3.
  2. possible combination of treatment with methotrexate previously treated with its analog.
  3. possible treatment for juvenile arthritis.

When can no Actemra injections be used?

Before treatment with Actemra 80 mg, you need to check the body's reaction to the drug, make skin tests. If any anti reaction occurs - treatment is impossible. If you have acute infectious diseases, thrombosis or neutropenia is also not possible. It is forbidden to enter the product during pregnancy, lactation or children under 3 years. If you experience frequent dizziness, nausea, constant pain in the body, frequent rashes, you should consult a doctor and interrupt treatment.

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