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Alidya 340mg

Alidya 340mg

$ 138.00

Intended for the correction of facial contours, skin aging, changes in the cellular structure of the skin and subcutaneous fat. It reduces wrinkles, improves elasticity, smoothes the relief, moisturizes, tightens pores and brightens the skin. This is an excellent drug to eliminate the first signs of aging.

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Alidya is a mesotherapy product with a unique composition that acts on adipose tissue, thereby fighting cellulite, evening the skin and tightening it. The product represents the latest development in the field of pathophysiological gynoid lipodystrophy. The product includes a unique complex of amino acids and other valuable components that are introduced into different layers of skin and subcutaneous fat.

How to buy Alidya online or buy Alidya wholesale?

You can buy Alidya in the online store BeautyDermal. BeautyDermal is an Alidya supplier. Alidya price varies in different ranges, but BeautyDermal as a supplier offers the most advantageous value in the market for these products.

What are the results of the Alidya introduction?

Alidya injections normalize lymph flow, which is the main cause of cellulite formation and blockage of the lymphatic system. Due to the saturation of the oxygen layer of the epidermis, the relief of the skin is normalized and leveled, the processes of metabolism are stimulated and all harmful substances are eliminated from the body. Wellness improves, skin becomes clear and supple. Injection volumes also decrease after injection. It is also possible to use Alidia with mesotherapy products of various kinds.

How long the effect persists after Alidya injections?

Each organism is different so the number of required procedures ranges from 7 to 15 sessions. The product is introduced at a depth of 4 to 6 mm under the skin. The total effect of the product is approximately 12 months. If necessary, the procedure should be performed once a year. But for more accurate information please consult a specialist. The result can also be supported by hardware methods since Alidуa is compatible with many procedures.

What are the contraindications Alidya injections?

The product is introduced into areas such as hands, hips, shoulders, and buttocks. The dosage of the product is made according to the weight of the patient, so you should only consult a qualified specialist. Pregnant women and children cannot use the product. It is forbidden to inject the product while the patient is taking antibiotics. Blood thinners cannot be taken. Do not massage or even touch the injection site for the next 42 hours. After the injection, limit the trips to the pool, sauna, and hot shower for 14 days. If you do not follow the usual rules of care after injection, the result will not manifest or will not be as required.

Alidya 340mg reviews:

A good product, I am a nutrition-dermatologist and I often use Alidya to relieve cellulite and weight loss in my patients. Always satisfying the result.

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