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Alidya 340mg

Alidya 340mg

$ 138.00

Intended for the correction of facial contours, skin aging, changes in the cellular structure of the skin and subcutaneous fat. It reduces wrinkles, improves elasticity, smoothes the relief, moisturizes, tightens pores and brightens the skin. This is an excellent drug to eliminate the first signs of aging.

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Alidya is a mesotherapy product with a unique composition created to fight cellulite by evening out the skin and tightening it. This is attained through it’s unique composition of amino acids and an array of other components that through treatment are introduced into multiple layers of the skin and subcutaneous fat.

Alidya is the latest product developed within the field of pathophysiological gynoid lipodystrophy.

Purchasing Alidya

Beauty Dermal is an online store where you can purchase Alidya online and also purchase Alidya wholesale. Beauty Dermal is an Alidya supplier. Prices vary between different online stores - Beauty Dermal guarantees an affordable price with the best delivery options.

Usage and Results

Through the use of Alidya injection the lymphatic system gets unblocked, normalizing a healthy lymph flow which reduces abnormal cellulite formation. Once the oxygen layer of the epidermis gets saturated the skin is normalized, the metabolism is re-stimulated and all harmful substances are eliminated from the body. Thus, improving overall wellness of the skin.

Frequency and volume of Alidya injections decrease over time. Alidya can be used in conjunction with various mesotherapy products.

Effects of Treatment

The number of required treatments to reach a desired result varies from person to person, typically, effects can be seen within a 12-month period after a range of 7 to 15 sessions.


It is important to consult a qualified medical specialist prior to undergoing treatment with Alidya, since dosing quantities depend on the patients’ weight and overall health.

Avoid contact with injected area for 42 hours after treatment. Limit trips to the pool, sauna and hot showers for 14 days.

Do not use Alidya if:
patient is taking antibiotics; patient is taking blood thinning medications; patient is pregnant

Alidya 340mg reviews:

5 out of 5!!!

An affordable, effective, and long-lasting product. My sincere recommendation.

It’s great, my sincere recommendation!!!

I have never used Alidya before. However, a vast majority of my colleagues recommended trying it out. So, I decided to order it on your website. Thanks for the fast delivery!

5/5, a very effective product!

Thank you for your reasonable prices and quick shipping.

A great product to reduce the appearance of cellulite. All my clients are satisfied with the result it provides!

Good product at a pretty affordable price. I am happy with its quality, I expected less, to be honest. I cannot say that I would definitely order it again, but complaints and disappointments. It works accordingly to its description.

Nice product for aging signs elimination. It s always effective and shows amazing results afterward. Love it a lot, and will definitely buy it again in Beauty Dermal! Thank you for the fast delivery, I can always rely on you! And, by the way, the prices here are pretty affordable as well ;)

This product is pretty good, but there are many others which are better than it. To my colleagues, I recommend trying something else...just to make sure you are not missing something. But, in general, no complaint, an average rejuvenation injection.

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