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Aqualyx 10 vials

Aqualyx 10 vials

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Aqualyx is an effective lipolytic product that is used for non-surgical procedures. With the help of the product, the patient will get rid of local fat and cellulite. The action of the product is slow and gradual, making the procedure safe and efficient. The adipose tissue decreases within 15-20 days ago on the skin and it becomes elastic. Aqualyx composition is designed in such a way that substances act on adipose tissue destroying it. All remnants of the burning process are safely excreted by the body using the lymphatic system. Aqualyx is one of the first innovative drugs that dissolves and removes fat cells from the body in just a few injections, allowing you to adjust and model your body, removing unnecessary volumes. Today, innovative cosmetology is in search of the latest and safest techniques that are designed to become an alternative to plastic surgery. One of the most popular areas is liposuction or body volume reduction, body shaping, and silhouette modeling.

How to buy Aqualyx online or buy Aqualyx wholesale?

You can buy Aqualyx 10 vials in the online store BeautyDermal. BeautyDermal is an Aqualyx supplier. Aqualyx price varies in different ranges, but BeautyDermal supplier offers the most advantageous value in the market for this product.

When can you use the Aqualyx 10 vials?

Aqualyx 10 vials is not a slimming product, though it does reduce the volume of the injection area. With the help of the product, you can adjust any part of the body - hands, shoulders, buttocks, chin, legs, etc. This product can only be entered if the fat fold is at least 1.5 centimeters and, in addition, no more than 5 (40 ml) vials can be administered per procedure. For the result to be more noticeable and active, you need to adjust your diet and exercise regularly. To achieve the desired result, you should, first of all, consult your doctor. The effect on each organism will be different and the amount of product needed in different doses. In most cases, 4 to 6 sessions are sufficient. The interval between procedures is 20-25 days. The main advantage is also the painlessness of the procedure.

What are the contraindications for use Aqualyx?

Aqualyx is not recommended to b used for people who have excess blood vessels in the upper layer of the skin. The negative effect of the procedure can be the destruction of healthy tissue, but it occurs only when the product is introduced by a professional and if the person does not adhere to all the rules of care. Also, the Aqualyx can not be introduced during pregnancy, contraindications also exist for people who are ill or take antibiotics during the procedure. It is forbidden to administer the product if there are problems with the circulatory system and intolerance of any components of the product.

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