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Fillmed (Filorga) X-HA Volume 1ml

Fillmed (Filorga) X-HA Volume 1ml

$ 169.00

X-HA Volume is intended for the correction of deep wrinkles and replenishment of the lost volume in the area of the cheekbones, chin, facial contours, temporal areas. The drug is injected deep subcutaneously or supraperiostally, providing a long-lasting corrective effect due to the high level of plasticity of the drug.

1 pcs. 169 USD
3 pcs. 165 USD
10 pcs. 161 USD
30 pcs. 159 USD

Fillmed (Filorga) X-HA Volume 1ml reviews:

Filorga is absolutely not hydrophilic, soft. When putting on nasolabial folds, I don’t like it at all. If the client wants this particular drug, definitely need to warn that the correction will be average and lower in the outcome.

I have been working in cosmetology for about 10 years, I have regular patients who trust only me. Filorga did not let me down. After the procedure, the skin becomes noticeably better, the same radiance appears to which many aspire. This product is irreplaceable for me and my clients.

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