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Neurobloc (Myobloc)

Neurobloc (Myobloc)

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About NeuroBloc (MуoВloc)

Neurobloc (MуoВloc) is the remedy used for cervical dystonia treatment. It also helps to reduce neck pain and abnormal head position that occurs with the impact of this disease. The active substance of the product is group B rimobotulinotoxin, which is completely cleared of toxins.

Where can I buy a NeuroBloc (MуoВloc) online and buy a NeuroBloc (MуoВloc) wholesale?

You can buy Neurobloc (MуoВloc) online wholesale for reasonable prices at the BeautyDermal online shop. The NeuroBloc supplier guarantees you only quality products. Save time and money and we, in turn, will offer you the best delivery and service. Our support managers are always ready to answer your questions and help you choose the best and fastest delivery service.

What are the areas for NeuroBloc treatment?

MyoBloc is used to treat disorders that are characterized by frequent muscle contractions in the neck. This leads to an abnormal position of the head causing pain. Botulinum relaxes the muscles, reducing the symptoms of the disorder.

What happens after NeuroBloc is introduced?

Botulinum toxin breaks down membrane protein and this stops the release of acetylcholine, which controls the connection between nerves and muscles. After this action, the transmission of nerve impulses stops, and it provokes lingering paralysis, which temporarily relaxes the muscles of the neck.

How long does the treatment last with this botulinum?

For patients who have not previously used this type of treatment, it is advised to enter 2500-5000 units that are divided between the muscles that have been damaged. During the product administration, you should monitor the behavior of the client, as product action may provoke slow breathing or dizziness. The NeuroBloc effect lasts from 12 to 16 weeks. At the end of the action, the patient should be given the next injection. The term treatment for each is individual, so it should be discussed with your doctor.

What are the contraindications for using NeuroBloc?

Following product administration, conditions such as dry mouth, swallowing problems, headache and dizziness, neck pain, excretory system problems, neck pain, vomiting, and change in taste receptors may develop. These symptoms should disappear within 7 days. Although botulinum natural composition is considered safe for the body, some people can’t get such injections. This group of patients includes those who have increased sensitivity to the components of the product and have diseases of the nerves or muscles. It is forbidden to enter the product for persons under 18 years and pregnant women. Caution should be given to patients with hemophilia and respiratory tract disorders.

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Neurobloc (Myobloc) reviews:

The Korean product is not inferior to its effect of Botox. I use it for my patients and they are always pleased with the long action and naturalness that you can not say about Botox, which leaves the skin tight. Especially a pleasant price on the site.

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