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Pluryal Meso II 5ml

Pluryal Meso II 5ml

$ 89.00

Preparations for contouring and biorevitalization Pluryal Injectables were developed by MD Skin Solutions (Luxembourg) according to the exclusive production concept P.R.E.M.I.U.M. Each Pluryal filler is designed for different facial areas.

1 pcs. 89 USD
3 pcs. 87 USD
10 pcs. 85 USD
30 pcs. 84 USD

About Pluryal Meso II

Pluryal Meso II was developed by a laboratory located in Luxembourg. The filler is suitable for patients from 40 years. Biorevitalizant with peeling effect consists of hyaluronic acid, useful amino acids, and substance choline. Type L amino acids, such as valine, glycine, leucine, alanine, proline, lysine and hydrochloride, stimulate the production of natural collagen in the skin. Vitamin B4, known as choline, helps to speed up metabolism under the skin and eliminates unnecessary fat. Hyaluronic acid also stimulates skin moisturizing.

What is the Pluryal Meso II price at the Beauty Dermal online store?

Beauty Dermal is a Pluryal Meso II supplier in the USA. We guarantee you the highest quality and original products at the lowest prices. You can order this filler or others at our online store. We offer a wide selection of quality goods at favorable prices.

What are the functions of Pluryal Meso II?

The special drug’s composition stimulates the body to produce natural collagen and elastin, making the skin faster to recover. The booster also has the effect of lifting the skin and giving it a natural tone. The filler eliminates skin dryness, treats acne, fills in small wrinkles, corrects scars and hyperpigmentation, fills dark circles under the eyes.

Which injection course should you take?

Patients who get the remedy at first should take 1 procedure in 7 days. The whole course lasts 30 days. Then you should repeat 2 procedures with an interval of 30 days. The final phase includes one procedure with a break of 90 - 180 days.

What are the side effects that may occur after the injection of the filler and who is forbidden to inject?

Before going through the Pluryal Meso II injection course, you should discuss with your specialist all possible contraindications and exclude the patient's sensitivity to the product, pregnancy, bad blood clotting, and fever. The procedure should be postponed if the patient has inflammation of the skin, herpes or flu. Redness, swelling, and bruising may occur after administration of the product under the skin, but these symptoms should resolve within 10 days. Injection irritation should be treated with an antiseptic for 3 days.

Сan I buy Рluryal Мeso II online in the USA and can I buy Рluryal Мeso II wholesale?

With Beauty Dermal, you can order Pluryal Meso II with delivery. We guarantee you quality products, reliable and fast service and availability of goods. We will help you resolve any product issues and help you choose the most comfortable delivery for you.

First of all, Beauty Dermal has established a network of licensed pharmaceutical suppliers and international partners in Europe where prices for the same authentic products are ones of the lowest in the world. Secondly, we buy large volumes of each product for a significantly lower price.

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the product did not like work, it is unreliable and causes many reactions in the body.

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