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Sculptra 2 vials

Sculptra 2 vials

$ 549.00

helps to rejuvenate the skin, simulate facial features and causes minimal rejection of the side of the body. It is suitable for eliminating mimic wrinkles, scars, lack of volume of facial tissues. Its implementation lasts no more than half an hour and requires a minimum course of rehabilitation after application.

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1 pcs. 549 USD
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30 pcs. 521 USD

Sculptra is one of the most popular dermal fillers chosen by thousands of doctors and cosmetologists all over the world. You can buy Sculptra online with free delivery to the USA at To place an order, put the product into the cart, fill in the information, and proceed with the payment, or contact our sales representative to help you out.

Product properties

Sculptra is an innovative filler that, unlike other remedies of the kind, contains poly-L-lactic acid (150mg) in its base. It also includes Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (90mg) and Pyrogen-free mannitol (127,5mg). The filler Sculptra provides a visible result, restoring the lost volume in the skin tissues. Moreover, poly-L-lactic acid boosts inner processes of collagen production in the place of injection that allows fighting the actual reasons for aging. Fillers based on hyaluronic acid cannot boast similar results. With time, poly-L-lactic acid splits by the metabolism processes, but the substance is replaced with natural collagen and elastin. The wrinkles disappear, the skin becomes smoother and evener.

Peculiarities of the procedure

Sculptra dermal filler is designed for the injections into the middle and lower parts of the face. The injections can be performed strictly by the qualified and specially trained aesthetic doctor. The number of injections, doze of the filler, and depth of the injection depend on the area and desired effect. As a rule, Sculptra is introduced into the deep or subcutaneous layer of derma, using a 26G needle.


The patients who have undergone the course of 3 injections with the difference in 3 weeks see the results for approximately 2 years. It means they would need reinjection after 24 months to prolong the effect of the filler.

Where to buy Sculptra 2 vials?

Beauty Dermal, your future supplier, offers you to buy Sculptra online, as well as a wide range of other dermal fillers, botulinums, mesotherapy, and orthopedics products. Pleasant prices, fast delivery to the USA, and always friendly customer support.

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Sculptra 2 vials reviews:

This is a very good injectable, I’m happy with the way it works. Speaking about the BeautyDermal company, I’m satisfied with their professionalism. Their managers are incredibly helpful, the order was processed and sent in a day. Thank you!


Sculptra is definitely an amazing product. Still, I prefer HA-based fillers a bit more.

I love poly-L-lactic acid fillers! In my opinion, these are the most qualitative cosmetic injectables I have tried so far.

Not my cup of tea, I should look for other products.

5 out of 5!

This injectable is among the best ones I’ve tried for volume restoration. It is effective, safe, and pretty affordable compared to other products I use in my clinic. Try it if you haven’t already.

I think Sculptra would be the best option for those who want to restore facial volume and fullness with long-term results. Most of my patients simply need one treatment a year afterward, also it makes this product one of the most cost-effective treatments available.

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