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Stylage Hydro (1x1ml)

Stylage Hydro (1x1ml)

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Stylage - the first innovative monophasic gels, which include stabilized hyaluronic acid and antioxidant. Each Stylage filler designed for different facial areas.

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About Stylage Hydro

Stylage Hydro from Vivacy is the active substance of which hyaluronic acid is used for biorevitalization. The product is designed using an effective technique and consists of the following components:

  1. Synthese hyaluronic acid with using 3D Matrix technology, making the effect longer and more lasting;
  2. PN-Like that moisturizes the skin and gives it a natural complexion;
  3. Mannitol and sorbitol are responsible for rejuvenating and restoring skin's regenerative functions;

The filler stimulates the skin's natural formation of new collagen fibers, due to which wrinkles are smoothed out and finally disappear.

How to buy Stylage Hydro online and what is the Stylage Hydro 1 ml price?

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Why should I choose Stylage Hydro?

Due to its formula and soft density, the product fights age-related skin defects and allows it to be easily-injected into the skin. The product is valid for 6 to 9 months which is also a great advantage among other biorevitalization products. Stylage Hydro is saturated with a lot of hyaluronic acid - 14 milligrams per gram of product. Due to the action of mannitol, the product creates an antiseptic effect on the skin and prevents the appearance of bruising after administration. Biorevitalization processes influence skin dryness, making it fit, removes fine wrinkles, prevents early aging, corrects the enlarged pores and removes black spots and scars after acne.

How many Stylage Hydro injections do I need?

The result after using Stylage Hydro is noticeable after the first procedure. You will get rid of all signs of aging and fatigue. After 8-12 weeks the natural processes of active skin ingredients begins. But the main course is 3 procedures with a break of 7-14 days. After that, the result should be backed up in one procedure for 16 to 24 weeks, until you reach the desired result.

What are the contraindications of Stylage Hydro?

Rehabilitation of skin after injection includes 7-14 days. After the procedure, such effects as redness, itching, pain at the injection site and slight bruising may occur. But these symptoms should go away within 24-48 hours. If the symptoms become more pronounced and do not disappear within 5-7 days, you should consult a specialist. It is forbidden to enter the product during pregnancy and for persons under 18 years. You also can’t use the product if you have allergy to any of its component. It is necessary to postpone the session if the patient has influenza, fungal infections or inflammation, or exacerbation of herpes.

What are the benefits of Beauty Dermal among other online stores?

Beauty Dermal is an online store and Stylage Hydro online supplier where you can buy Stylage Hydro online at retail and buy Stylage Hydro 1 ml wholesale at great deals and discounts.

Stylage Hydro (1x1ml) reviews:

Effective solution for skin hydration. I prefer it over many other similar options because, from my personal experience, it demonstrated the best results. Approved and recommended.

Stylage Hydro is a life changer for people with naturally dry skin! Really, no one expected such an incredible effect in a short time period. I can’t even describe to you how happy my patients were after the treatment session! Outstanding!

I like this product very much.

Dissatisfied with the result of entering the product, unfortunately the patient is also, but the site's service is good.

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