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Supartz 2.5ml

Supartz 2.5ml

$ 299.00

Sodium hyaluronate is usually given when other arthritis medications have not been effective. May also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

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About Supartz

Supartz is a sterile, viscoelastic solution of sodium hyaluronate with a pH of 6.8-7.8. The hyaluronan of this product is obtained from chicken combs. The product is used for the treatment of pain in knee osteoarthritis.

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What is the course of Supartz treatment?

The drug is injected into the knee joint once every 7 days for 5 weeks. The number of injections can range from 3 to 5, it all depends on the patient's body. Anesthesia should be used before introducing the product. Do not use the product if its packaging is damaged and do not reuse the syringe.

How to enter a product?

Before you go through treatment, choose a doctor who is a specialist in the field. Before insertion, the lesion should be decontaminated, after which fluid is injected into the knee with a 22-23 gauge needle. The content of the introduced product should not exceed 2.5 milliliters. A new needle must be used to bring the product to another affected joint.

What can be the side effects?

Before treatment, you should discuss with the specialist all the features of the patient's body. The sensitivity of the patient to the composition of the product should be checked. An allergic reaction may occur in the form of skin rash, dizziness, nausea or respiratory spasms. The product is used only for the knee joint. Pain and stiffness at the injection site may occur after the administration of the product. After the injection, you should limit your physical activity for 3 days. It is prohibited to introduce the product to pregnant and lactating women.

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Supartz 2.5ml reviews:

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Supatz is a nice product. Not the best among those I tried, but the quality is still pretty decent. I can recommend trying it, that’s for sure.

Great product! I always choose it for my patients with severe symptoms of arthritis. It can relieve uncomfortable sensations and make everyday tasks much more manageable. 10/10!

Effective product with good properties, suitable for many patients.

The product is based on hyaluronic acid, always effective, painless and long-lasting. The price on the Beauty Dermal site is very low and the quality of the product is high.

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