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Teosyal RHA3

Teosyal RHA3

$ 269.00

The massive success of the Teosial product line, which includes many preparations for the correction of wrinkles, skin nourishment and biorevitalization, is due to the highest quality standards of the Swiss company and constant innovations. Each Teosyal filler is designed for different facial areas.

1 pcs. 269 USD
3 pcs. 262 USD
10 pcs. 257 USD
30 pcs. 253 USD

About Teosyal RHA3

Teosyal RHA 3 is a gel that fills the wrinkles on the forehead nanoscale, and vertical lips lines areas. The product is suitable for increasing volume in the cheeks and chin. The gel fills well all the free areas under the skin and is excreted through the blood vessels and sweat. The additional inclusion of lidocaine provides easy and painless administration of the drug, that makes the process of injections more comfortable for the patient and the specialist. Depending on the purpose, severity and individual characteristics of the patient, the effect lasts approximately 36 weeks, but with proper care can last for up to 72 weeks.

Can I buy Teosyal RHA3 online in USA and can І buy Teosyal RHA3 wholesale?

You can use our service and buy Teosyal RHA3 online in the USA at the online store of Beauty Dermal. We offer you the best service and the best deals to buy Teosyal RHA3 wholesale. We’re always ready to provide our customers with the opportunity to choose a convenient way of delivery for you and get help with the ordered Teosyal RHA3.

How long is the Teosyal injection course and what are its benefits?

One course includes several sessions with a break of 7 - 10 days. Doctors use very thin needles for Teosyal injections. There’s also very low concentration of BDDE (3.6%). These two factors virtually eliminate complications after the procedure. In some cases, there may be redness, bruising and slight swelling, which occur in 24 - 72 hours after the procedure. Due to its structure, the Teosyal RHA 3 filler does not accumulate or spread, all its particles are tightly interconnected and hold muscle pressure. The gel quickly adapts to facial expressions without interfering with the muscular activity of the face. The product is not noticeable under the skin so the result looks natural.

When is it forbidden to enter a product?

The use of filler Teosyal RHA 3 is prohibited when the patient is pregnant and lactating. Injections should be withheld in the presence of acute inflammatory diseases, active stages of herpes development or viral infections and intolerance of active components of the drug.

What are the benefits of an online shop Beauty Dermal and what is the cost of Teosyal RHA 3?

Beauty Dermal is an online store and Teosyal RHA 3 supplier. Here you can purchase wholesale or in retail. Teosyal RHA 3 price varies in different ranges, but we offer you affordable prices and quality delivery. The price for Teosyal RHA 3 in the online store of Beauty dermal is much lower than on other online services.

First of all, Beauty Dermal has established a network of licensed pharmaceutical suppliers and international partners in Europe where prices for the same authentic products are ones of the lowest in the world. Secondly, we buy large volumes of each product for a significantly lower price.

On each products page there is a tablet with defined prices depending on the volume. In addition you can always call us so we can provide individual pricing for your amounts.

All products offered by BeautyDermal are original, genuine items. Each product is shipped in original manufacturer’s packaging, >unopened and sealed. Please check the integrity of the package upon arrival.

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