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Xeomin 100U Non-English 1 Vial

Xeomin 100U Non-English 1 Vial

$ 349.00

Xeomin is a highly purified type A botulinum toxin with increased safety and efficacy of application for the correction of mimic wrinkles in the area around the eyes and mouth, eyebrows, on the forehead. Xeomin smoothes wrinkles while maintaining natural facial expressions without the effect of "mask"

1 pcs. 349 USD
3 pcs. 340 USD
10 pcs. 333 USD
30 pcs. 328 USD

Xeomin 100U is botulinum toxin type A . Over the years of its existence it has managed to get through a lot of scientific trials and has demonstrated amazing effects. But in order to use it without being afraid of negative reactions and consequences, it is necessary to contact a specialized clinic with doctors who have the necessary level of training. This will make it possible for you to undergo the procedure as painlessly as it can be and to get the first treatment effect very quickly.

Versatile Product at a Fair Xeomin 100U Price

Xeomin 100U is a pharmaceutical product that can be purchased only on prescription. It is also available from this Xeomin 100U supplier. The product serves the purpose of improving the state of the skin between the eyebrows. There are other areas of its application, but this area is the main one. The composition is widely used to eliminate pain in the neck and to improve the condition of the eyelids. No wonder specialists buy Xeomin 100U online wholesale.

Before You Buy Xeomin 100U Online: Restrictions and Side Effects

It is prohibited to use the product in children and people who have not reached the age of majority. Consult your doctor before you use the product! In addition, if the patient has had any allergic reactions to specific constituents of the preparation, or has chronic skin lesions in the area where the injection is supposed to be given, he or she should refrain from injections. As far as side effects caused by the use of the product are concerned, they are as follows:

  • respiratory problems and difficulties;
  • difficulty in swallowing and speaking;
  • general physical fatigue and weakness;
  • impairment of vision.

It is important! All these problems are just temporary. If they have not gone away within 1-2 days, it is worth contacting a specialist.

Precautions for the Treatment

Before you start using the preparation, you need to tell your doctor about the diseases you are suffering from and the medicines you are using at the same time. In particular, it is recommended that you should inform your doctor of the following conditions:

  • surgeries that have been performed on the face;
  • asthmatic conditions;
  • breathing problems;
  • regular bleeding.

It is also necessary to mention the medications and vitamin complexes you are taking, even if all of them are of plant origin.

It is important! It is recommended that you should not be active immediately after the use of the preparation. There is a risk of muscular weakness, eyelid sagging and visual impairment. These symptoms can occur for an indefinite period of time - from a couple of hours to a few weeks after the injection.

If you have problems with breathing, you have to read the instructions and seek specialist advice. If these guidelines are not followed, the patient is at serious risk of having even more trouble with breathing. In other circumstances, there is no potential danger to the skin or body. The only thing that is important is to contact a good clinic to get the injection and follow the instructions carefully. This will prevent grave complications. And be sure to visit our store to buy Xeomin 100U online discounts are there.

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Xeomin 100U Non-English 1 Vial reviews:

Although Хeomin keeps less Botox (I used to work with him), I made a choice in favor of greater naturalness. The wrinkles became less deep, but they didn’t completely leave, the eyebrow was raised. After Botox in the forehead, he became like wood, but it is not a very pleasant feeling.

Хeomin is designed for a mild correction of wrinkles, full shutdown of facial expressions in the clipping zones should not be expected. Therefore, I like to work with this product as it gives the natural effect of beautiful skin.

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