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Azzalure 125U
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Azzalure injections were developed in conjunction with the dermatological pharmaceutical companies G ...

Azzalure is an aesthetic version of Dysport from Galderma, a botulinum product, which, at the moment, is one of the main competitors of Botox. Azzalure injections were developed in conjunction with the dermatological pharmaceutical companies Galderma and Ipsen, which produce the botulinum toxin type A, Dysport, used for medical purposes. The approval was obtained after companies provided data on several clinical trials conducted with 2,600 patients. Tests have shown the effectiveness and safety of injections. 

Product properties 

The botulinum toxin type A-hemagglutinin complex (Botulinum toxin type A) blocks the release of acetylcholine in the neuromuscular synapse, which leads to the elimination of muscle spasm at the injection site. The effect is noted within 4-6 months after administration. The resumption of the transmission of the nerve impulse occurs gradually as new nerve endings are formed and contacts with the postsynaptic motor endplate are restored. 

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After administration, the reaction delay time is 2-3 days, and the maximum effect is observed between the 10th and 21st day. The duration of action is on average 16-24 weeks. 


  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug,  
  • inflammation at the injection site,  
  • acute stage of any disease, 
  • myasthenia gravis,  
  • pregnancy and lactation. 

Areas of application 

Azzalure, like Botox, is an innovative drug for cosmetic purposes injections. However, as it is a relatively new and not fully investigated drug, its areas of application include: 

  • Glabella lines,
  • Lateral Canthal lines. 

The treatment can be used for the patient over eighteen years old and younger than sixty-five, who do not have any contraindications to the drug administration. The injections can be performed strictly by a specially trained and certified medical specialist. 

The doctor administers the drug using a sterile needle, and the patient’s skin should be carefully cleaned from makeup and disinfected to avoid any complications. 

Side effects 

The organism’s response to the toxin is always individual, but the drug is safe and subject to all the rules for drug administration, there should not be any severe reactions. The most common side effects may include pain, redness, bruising, swelling, as well as headache and bruising. These reactions are temporary and will disappear within the next several hours or days. In any case, tell your patient to keep you updated concerning any changes in his/her wellbeing. 

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