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Surgiderm 24XP
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It is used to eliminate superficial and medium wrinkles on the face, to restore the volume of skin f ...

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Surgiderm 30XP
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It is used to correct medium and deep wrinkles, restore skin tone and shape the lips, nasolabial fol ...

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SURGIDERM: for Beauty and Youthful Skin

This is a whole range of fillers which include a large number of effective active substances. One of them is HYALURONIC acid. The line produced in the United States includes several preparations noteworthy for their effective action.

Reasons to Buy SURGIDERM Online

The key difference as far as contour correction methods are concerned is the absence of a rehabilitation period. A three-dimensional molecule of the acid developed through exclusive processing techniques prevails in the products of this line. It creates obstacles in the process of removing the acid in the zone where the agent is located and ensures a long-lasting effect of correction.

The fillers are highly purified products. They are 100% compatible with tissues, prevent allergic reactions and do not contain protein structural elements. There is practically no pain when they are introduced. Therefore, the preparation is 100% safe and effective. It helps to restore the tone of the skin and compensate for the lost volume of tissues. Do not be daunted by the SURGIDER price, especially as we offer it on beneficial terms.


There are several reasons to use this product, not just one:

  • elimination of facial wrinkles;
  • restoration of the volume in the skin folds;
  • restoration of the contours of the lips.


This preparation is used when it is necessary:

  • to correct medium and deep wrinkles;
  • to restore the skin tone;
  • to create the lip contour;
  • to remove folds in the nasolabial area;
  • to add volume to the face.

Indications for Use

Contact a SURGIDERM supplier if you feel that you need to do something with:

  • horizontal wrinkles on the forehead;
  • vertical folds in the eyebrow area;
  • nasolabial imperfections;
  • wrinkles around the lips;
  • lip volume and shape.

Effect of Use

Do not wait any longer; buy SURGIDERM online just now as the effects of its use are really impressive:

  • Folds in all areas of the face and neck are corrected.
  • The volume of the lips is increased.
  • The desired volume in the cheekbones is acquired.
  • The shape of the face is corrected.

Restrictions on Use

  • Acute condition of diseases;
  • disorders of blood clotting;
  • intake of certain groups of medications;
  • inflammation in the area where the preparation is to be used;
  • period of gestation;
  • breast feeding.

Process Description

Before the beginning of the procedure, the specialist examines the patient’s skin and collects detailed information about the state of his or her physical health. They should also inquire about the procedures that have been performed earlier. It is very important to consider information about the presence of chronic pathologies and allergies in the patient.

Along with this, the expert finds out what effects the patient expects, and also detects the list of indications for treatment. Then the preparation of the desired density, suitable for achieving the desired result is selected. Before the preparation is introduced under the skin, the skin undergoes cleansing with cosmetic compositions, which is a must. It is very important to treat it with an antiseptic solution.

When patients wish local anesthesia with an anesthetic cream, they receive it. The preparation is introduced into the area of correction by means of disposable needles. After the procedure hyperemia is observed, as well as small hematomas and edema. The denser the gel is, the deeper its introduction is considered to be.

Before the procedure, the doctor induces anesthesia, creating only one puncture near the ear. The needle cannula easily penetrates because it has an optimal shape. The preparation is distributed in the tissues evenly, and the patient does not feel pain.