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Orthovisc (1x2ml)
$ 52

Used to treat pain associated with osteoarthritis, by temporarily replacing and maintaining synovial ...

Orthovisc for orthopedics knee injections

Healthy joints are the base for an active and productive life. With time, many factors decrease the mobility of the joints, cause pain, swelling, and other symptoms, which limit people’s activity. Fortunately, modern medicine has invented effective methods (like Orthovisc injections) to fight the problems with the joints without surgical intervention.

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Product properties

To lubricate the cartilages of the bones, the remedies composition was designed to imitate the substance in the joint maximally. Orthovisc injections are based on the high molecular hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, which is perfectly combinable with the human tissues, causing no body’s rejection or allergic reactions.

2 ml of hyaluronic acid are injected directly into the joint. For the maximum result, Orthovisc injections are given by a course of one injection in a week for three-four weeks in a raw.

Orthopedics injections should be given exclusively by a specially trained and experienced specialist.


Hyaluronic acid is one of the safest materials for intralobular injections. However, there may be some reasons to cancel the procedure.

  • Allergic reactions,
  • Bleeding,
  • Blood clotting disorder such as hemophilia,
  • Local infections,
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects

Common side effects after orthopedics injections include:

  • Joint pain, stiffness, or swelling;
  • Itching, numbness, or tingling;
  • Headache, dizziness;
  • Backache;
  • Swelling, pain, redness, or mild discomfort where the medicine was injected.

There may be some other body reactions, but the administration of the drug by a professional and experienced specialist reduces the risks to the minimum.

After the course is completed, the patient should feel a considerable relief: pain should cease, redness and swelling decrease, and mobility of the joint should return. The duration of the effect should be preserved for approximately six months once the course of injections is completed.

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