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Euflexxa 2ml
$ 205

Used to treat knee pain in patients with joint inflammation. It is usually used in patients who have ...

Unfortunately, problems with joints, such as osteoarthritis, may happen at any age. The older the person, the higher are the dangers, and the greatest risk is that there is no cure. The doctors have discovered a few effective ways to relieve the symptoms and ease the patient’s life. Orthopedics injections are one of the fastest ways to return the mobility of the joint, and the Euflexxa brand is a perfect remedy for this purpose.

What is Euflexxa?

The product from the Israel Bio-Technology General, Ltd. Have specifically designed viscoelastic and sterile solution of hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate (10mg/ml), sodium chloride 8.5mg/ml, sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate 0.56mg/ml, sodium hydrogen phosphate two-hydrate to relieve the pain of the knee joint affected with osteoarthritis. It is one of the most effective orthopedics products to lubricate the joints, increases their mobility and flexibility, and also reduce pain.

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How does Euflexxa work?

When the injectable solution gets inside the synovial space of the joint, it acts as a lubricant, covers the surface of the cartilage. As a result, when the two neighboring bones move (when the patient bends the knee), the fraction happens smoother, and it does not hurt.

Just a qualified and specially trained healthcare provider can perform Euflexxa injections. One syringe is for one knee. As a rule, the doctor injects 2ml of the solution into a knee one time in a week. For the more profound result, the patient should take a full coarse of Euflexxa injections for three weeks. The effect of relief will last approximately six months.


The main contraindication to the drug administration is an allergy to any of its ingredients. The healthcare provider may also delay the injection if the target area is infected or inflamed. Pregnancy and lactations would also become the reasons to cancel the procedure. There may some other reasons to ask the patient to postpone or cancel the procedure.

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Side effects after Euflexxa orthopedics injections

Fortunately, if there were no contraindications, the administration of the drug inside the joint does not cause serious side effects. The greatest troubles are associated exclusively with the process of injections, and a package of ice and a few hours will erase even the smallest traces of the procedure. The patient may feel pain and observe redness, swelling, or bruising in the injection site.

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