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Aclasta (Reclast) 5mg (100ml – 1 vial) Non-English
Aclasta (Reclast) 5mg (100ml – 1 vial) Non-English
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This drug is used to treat and prevent osteoporosis of various etiologies, including the treatment o ...

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Novartis has elaborated a unique kind of mesotherapy products, Aclasta (ReclastNon-English 5mg (100ml – 1 vial), to help adult men and women fight osteoporosisOsteoporosis (“porous bone”) is a disease in which the density and quality of bone tissue are reduced. The bones become brittle, which leads to a significant increase in the risk of fractures. Bone loss occurs almost unnoticed by humans, and often the diagnosis of osteoporosis is established after the fractures have already occurred. 

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Product properties 

The base of the drug is zoledronic acida representative of the class of amino bisphosphonates, acts mainly on bone tissue, inhibits the activity of osteoclasts and bone resorption. The selective effect of bisphosphonates on bone tissue is based on a high affinity for mineralized bone tissue. After intravenous administration, Aclasta 5 mg injection with zoledronic acid is rapidly redistributed into bone tissue and, like other bisphosphonates, is localized mainly at the sites of remodelling. 

When using the Aclasta injections patients with postmenopausal osteoporosis there was a statistically significant decrease in the risk of vertebral fractures by 70% by the end of the 3rd year of treatment, as well as a decrease in the risk of developing one or newer/recurrent fractures and moderate/severe vertebral fractures by 60–70%. 

Contraindications of Aclasta 5 mg injection 

  • Allergy to zoledronic acid, 

  • Hypocalcemia, 

  • Severe kidney problems, 

  • Pregnancy, 

  • Breast-feeding, 

  • Age under eighteen. 

Side effects 

From the nervous system: headache, dizziness; sometimes – lethargy, paresthesia, drowsiness, tremors, fainting; 

On the part of the respiratory system: sometimes – shortness of breath, cough; 

From the digestive system: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; sometimes – anorexia, loss of appetite, dyspepsia, abdominal pain, dry mouth, esophagitis, gastroesophageal reflux, upper abdominal pain, constipation; 

From the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue: arthralgia, myalgia; bone pain, back pain, and limb pain; sometimes – neck pain, swelling in the joints, muscle cramps, pain in the shoulder girdle, chest pain of musculoskeletal origin, muscle weakness, stiffness in muscles and joints, arthritis, musculoskeletal pain. 

This is a list of possible and not obligatory symptoms after Aclasta injections. Every reaction of the organism is an individual.  

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