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Belotero Hydro 1ml
$ 138
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It is a dermal filler designed to restore or reduce facial folds and restore volume in areas of facial skin tissue. Each Belotero filler is designed for different facial areas.

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1 pc. $138.00
3 pcs. 2.9 % $134.00
10 pcs. 8.7 % $126.00
30+ pcs. 11.59 % $122.00

How to know whether it?s time to use a dermal filler? First of all, look at the most delicate areas of the body – the face, neck, back of the palms. If you notice dryness, loss of moisture and elasticity, probably, the time has come. This happens when the body reduces Hyaluronic Acid production after stressful situations or as a result of aging processes.

Among a large number of drugs, Belotero Hydro is frequently-used by the leading European cosmetologists as the effective biorevitalizant in aesthetic medicine practice.

Deep Hydration for Reasonable Belotero Hydro Price

The main active substance of Belotero Hydro is Hyaluronic Acid, known as the most effective remedy for instant and long-lasting hydro balance recovery. One HA injection is a reliable method to prevent age-related changes and the formation of aesthetic defects. Belotero Hydro brings a natural and far-reaching result. The gel evenly distributes into all dermal layers, fills the skin with moisture and helps to smooth out all types of wrinkles. After the procedure, the skin looks fresh, supple and glows with health and beauty. Belotero Hydro is a safe solution for long-term rejuvenation. The medicine not only increases the skin’s natural hydration but stimulates new elastin and collagen production to prevent new wrinkles formation.

Belotero Hydro positively influences cells regeneration and accelerates tissue healing processes. It helps to rapidly eliminate toxins and restores firmness and smoothness of the skin.

Precautionary Measures of Belotero Hydro Usage

In order to make the result of dermal filler application satisfying for a longer period, doctors should consult their patients about simple rules:

  • don?t wear makeup one day and night after Belotero Hydro injection;
  • avoid saunas, baths, pools, massage rooms, and intensive training;
  • hide the area of injection from the direct sun rays.

Although, Belotero Hydro is safe, natural and almost doesn?t cause allergic reactions, in rare cases, it may lead to:

  • little redness;
  • mild pain or itching;
  • little bruising;
  • swelling slight puncture seal.

Side effects don?t last more than a few days and disappear after a while.

There is a group of people who can?t use Belotero Hydro due to specific features of their bodies. All suppliers Belotero Hydro have to warn customers about contraindications such as:

  • hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • diabetes, chronic or frequent tonsillitis;
  • acute articular rheumatism;
  • oncology;
  • predisposition to keloid scars creation;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • teenage.

How to Buy Belotero Hydro Online

Look for a reliable wholesale supplier and tired of googling ?Buy Belotero Hydro online discounts ?? We?re here to help!

BeautyDermal is a successful company that specializes in trading authentic pharmaceutical production for medical specialists from all around the world. Choose from a considerable variety of brand name dermal fillers, mesotherapy solutions, remedies for orthopedic treatments and many more. Here you can find the most reasonable prices because we offer generous discounts and beneficial sales programs. Buy Belotero Hydro online wholesale to get the authentic production in the shortest terms! And remember – the more you buy, the lower the price is.

Belotero Hydro 1ml reviews:

Jonas Solis

I am a constant user of Belotero. But this has been the first time I ordered Belotero Hydro. A great filler! I expected way less from it!


A great substitution to numerous mesotherapies I have been using before.

Winnie Alphonzo


Dianne Tristan

I love Belotero Hydro so much! Have been successfully ordering it several times on your website. So, I’m looking forward to seeing it back in stock.

Johanna Mathew

As a fan of the whole Belotero product line, I might do nothing but recommend Belotero Hydro! Qualitative composition, optimal volume, and natural-looking results. 5 out of 5, for sure.

Laura Fautsch

Wonderful solution for patients who suffer from dehydrated skin, dull complexion, have signs of aging. Deeply hydrates the derma, making the tissues much more saturated with moisture, eliminated the feeling of constant dryness. Perfect for older patients and people with dry skin type. And it is still very affordable. Recommend.

Any Sealy

I love Belotero products a lot, the results are always great, all my patients are happy! It moisturizes the skin perfectly, as well as smoothes out the wrinkles. Surely can recommend it!

Lucy Maxwell

Not the best product, moisturizes the skin, makes it more artificial.

Paul Brooks

I mainly work with Belotero Soft, I like the results very much in work, but recently patients refuse to explain it by explaining that they don’t last a long time, quickly dissolve and so on. Therefore, I decided to try another product of this brand, made a test order for Beauty Dermal and was satisfied with the result of the product and delivery.

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