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Ellanse M 1ml
$ 259
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Was created using an innovative manufacturing process to optimize performance and increase product safety. Each ELLANSE filler is designed for different facial areas.

Quantity Total discount Price
1 pc. $259.00
3 pcs. 1.93 % $254.00
10 pcs. 3.47 % $250.00
30+ pcs. 4.63 % $247.00

About Ellanse M

Ellanse M polycaprolactone-based filler that acts on the production of collagen in the skin, which in turn evens out the skin’s relief and returns volume. After using the filler, the asymmetry of the face is also leveled. There is a product for 20-22 months after which the splitting of the filler in the body begins, which is valid for up to 2 months. Ellanse M acts gradually to ensure complete product safety.

How to buy Ellanse ? online or buy Ellanse ? wholesale?

You can buy Ellanse ? in the online store Beauty Dermal. Beauty dermal is an Ellanse ? supplier. Ellanse ? price varies in different range, but the Beauty Dermal supplier offers the most advantageous value in the market of products.

What are the benefits of the product?

Elance is based on the latest technology based on 3 principles:

  1. stability and performance
  2. biodegradation
  3. exact duration

The filler is suitable for people who want to correct their age deficiencies, age ranges from 25 to 45 years. With the help of Ellanse ? get rid of facial scars, restore the contour of the face, fill deep wrinkles, nasolabial wrinkles and small wrinkles, voluminous correction of the nose and cheekbones, it is possible to carry out a facelift and increase skin elasticity. The filler should be inserted into the deep layers of the dermis.

When you can’t inject Ellanse ??

Consult a specialist before entering the product. The product is completely safe and does not cause allergies. There is no analgesia in this filler, so you need to use an anesthetic for more comfortable product administration. Swelling and redness may disappear after 48 hours. It is forbidden to enter the product into vessels and muscles. Ellanse ? it is not recommended to enter if the patient has diabetes mellitus, fungal infections, skin damaged or injured. It is forbidden to enter the product during pregnancy and children. Do not advise to filler if there are blood clotting disorders.

Ellanse M 1ml reviews:

Lydia N.

great quality, I love it


Nothing special, I don’t understand all the fuss around this brand

P. Griffith

Not too intense, perfect for people 30-40 years of age. Love that you can have maintenance treatments to improve the result. 10/10.

L. Williams

5 / 5, my favorite

Stefan Chaz

I am very fond of Ellanse. While the “M” version is a “golden standard” in its product line, as for me. Instantly visible but at the same time natural-looking results.


Fast results without severe adverse reactions after the treatment. Nice, I like it.

Myra Flynn

In my opinion, your store offers the most advantageous prices for original Ellanse products.

Dr. Charlie D.

Love this product, affordable and effective. 10/10

Doctor Lasky

Not only this dermal filler is an effective solution for wrinkles elimination, but it is also able to boost natural collagen production and improve skin condition overall. I am a big fan of this brand, and I always recommend it to my colleagues who are looking for new fillers options in their practice. And now, I confidently recommend it to you as well!

Paula Smith

It was my first time buying Ellanse at Beauty Dermal, usually, I order from a different supplier. But the quality of the product was amazing, and the shipping was surprisingly fast. I think I will buy here again in the future!

Delia Faber

The best service for beauticians is a great choice, most products are always in stock, low prices and high quality.

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