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Juvederm Volift Retouch Lidocaine 0.55ml
$ 179
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Some products from the Juvederm series allow you to save the result for 12 months. And against the background of similar means that guarantee the effect for 6-7 months, this is a significant advantage.

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This innovative Juvederm Volift Retouch filler is formulated specifically to correct the facial contour and the shape of the lips, and you can easily buy Juvederm online at wholesale prices. Distinguished by its high level of effectiveness, the product has gained popularity with a wide circle of consumers who appreciate the benefits of this top-quality dermal filler. Whether you’re looking to enhance your appearance or restore your youthful glow, Juvederm Volift Retouch can help you achieve your goals quickly and effectively. Discover the many benefits of this amazing product today and place your order online to enjoy its transformative effects!

Composition Characteristics and Peculiarities

The dermal corrector is produced on the basis of hyaluronic acid which is of non-animal origin. The substance can be evenly distributed under the skin and it instantly replenishes the structure of the matrix and provides accumulation of soft tissues. After its introduction the skin is 100% revitalized, its texture comes to normal, the natural flora is regenerated.

The gel is easily accepted by the body. The effect of its use can be seen immediately after the procedure. However, the maximum effect can be observed for 5-14 days. The product is safe, and the procedure of its use is considered to be the most pleasant and relaxing one. The duration of the effect is 5-18 months.

Advantages Worth the Juvederm Volift Retouch Price

The product was manufactured on the basis of a unique patented technology called VYCROSS. It endows this product with a lot of positive features:

  • a high level of safety, which ensures a minimum probability of an allergic reaction or rejection;
  • comfort of the injection due to the presence of an anesthetic in the composition;
  • the duration of the effect, which is up to 18 months, depending on the initial state of the skin and peculiarities of the face;
  • ease of use when a needle or cannula can be used;
  • instantaneous effect ? clear changes will be visible 2-3 hours after the manipulation;
  • versatility of use ? the product is implanted in the tissue area of the cheeks, cheekbones, chin, nasolabial folds.

All of this is a good enough reason to buy Juvederm Volift Retouch online (discounts are offered).

Time to Buy Juvederm Volift Retouch Online

The subcutaneous corrector can handle the following tasks:

  • wrinkle correction;
  • elimination of wrinkles;
  • lip contour improvement;
  • improvement of the state of the chin;
  • increasing the facial volume;
  • providing skin health.

The product is often used by people with a thin face and excessively dry skin. It is also suitable for people with insufficient turgor.


There is no risk to the patient?s health as the product is highly safe. However, before you contact a Juvederm Volift Retouch supplier, several precautions should be taken.

First of all, in some cases there may be a negative reaction of the body, which includes an allergic reaction, hyperemia and swelling.
Secondly, before applying the composition, the doctor should ask the patient about the peculiarities of his or her health. It is a question of diseases of chronic nature and allergies.

Thirdly, the preparation is not administered in case of concurrent correction with the use of other preparations.

In the fourth place, the restrictions to the use of the product are related to the following issues:

  • scars on the skin;
  • herpes;
  • sensitivity to certain components;
  • taking medications that reduce blood clotting;
  • pregnancy and lactating;
  • chronic diseases;
  • dermatological problems;
  • epileptic seizures;
  • high severity hyperemia;
  • pigmental metabolic problems.

After the procedure, the patient should avoid excessive physical activity and temperature changes. It is also important to reduce the influence of the ultraviolet rays and areas with high humidity (baths, swimming pools, saunas, bathhouses).

Juvederm Volift Retouch Lidocaine 0.55ml reviews:

Nathaniel Yu

Good filler from a great supplier. Thank you for the fast delivery, Filler Supplies, it’s the fastest one you’ve provided so far.

Althea Harper

Excellent, 5/5

Austin Evan

If you ask me about the best dermal filler brand, I will surely tell Juvederm. Incredible, 10/10!

Judith Millward

Another great product from Allergan and Juvederm. I am in love with their fillers. Maybe, there less expensive gels from other brands, but I think I will never betray Juvederm – its quality is always perfect, the formula of hyaluronic acid makes the filler perfectly smooth, homogeneous, plastic. It never moves nor forms any unevenness on the surface of the skin. I like working with these preparations. Recommend!


This Juvederm product is perfect for eliminating signs of aging and small skin imperfections. The procedure with it was nice and smooth, no complications were noticed after. Great dermal filler!

Colleen Morgan

It is intended for re-filling after the main one. Very comfortable volume and excellent result.

Lilly King

Used the product in her work for the first time, according to the patient, the procedure is painful despite lidocaine in the product and pain relief, therefore, it is a disadvantage, but overall, the result is good.

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