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Pluryal Meso I 5ml
$ 89
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Preparations for contouring and biorevitalization Pluryal Injectables were developed by MD Skin Solutions (Luxembourg) according to the exclusive production concept P.R.E.M.I.U.M. Each Pluryal filler is designed for different facial areas.

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1 pc. $89.00
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10 pcs. 4.49 % $85.00
30+ pcs. 5.62 % $84.00

About Pluryal Meso I

Meso I Revitalization is designed with BioFact technology for patients from 25 to 40 years of age. The remedy should be introduced into the upper layers of the skin. Hyaluronic acid stimulates the production of natural collagen, increases the effect of biorevitalization, acts as an antiseptic and nourishes the skin. The booster performs the function of skin regeneration, rejuvenates it, tightens and gives a natural tone.

What is the Pluryal Meso I price at the Beauty Dermal online store?

Beauty Dermal is a Pluryal Meso I supplier in the USA. We guarantee you the highest quality and original products at the lowest prices. You can order this or other fillers at our online store. We offer a wide selection of quality goods at favorable prices. Our services save you money and time.

What course of injection is required and in which areas can the filler be used?

The course of treatment begins with 4 injections with a break of 7 days. The next phase includes 2 injections at 30-day intervals. The final phase is the support for the result when 1 injection with the internal is given in 90 – 180 days. The filler is suitable for dry and oily skin, for the acne treatment, for the prevention of skin aging and its recovery.

Contraindications of Pluryal Meso I.

Before making the injection, the doctor should discuss with the patient all the features of his body. It is forbidden to carry out the procedure if the patient is pregnant, has a sensitivity to the composition of the product, heart diseases and problems with blood coagulation. It is recommended to postpone the procedure if the patient has influenza or herpes. Redness and swelling may occur within 2-3 days after the procedure. Wounds arising from injections need to be disinfected. It is not advisable to take chemical peels, use laser treatments, saunas, massages, and sports facilities within 14 days after the procedure.

?an I buy Pluryal Meso I online in the USA and can I buy Pluryal Meso I wholesale?

With Beauty Dermal, you can order Pluryal Meso I and get fast delivery. We guarantee you quality products, reliable and fast service and availability of goods. If you have any questions about products, delivery, etc., feel free to contact our support team. We?re here to help!

Pluryal Meso I 5ml reviews:

Harvey Duff

One of the best mesotherapies I have tried so far. Will definitely order again.

Josepha Rodney

I am very-very fond of Pluryal. My sincere recommendation.

Adele Mable

A great product for a great price! Looking forward to seeing it back in stock.

Friederike Winnie

A great product. Recommend!

Domenic Avonlea

I have already tried several solutions from Pluryal (INCLUDING THIS ONE). And, frankly speaking, all of them have performed wonderfully! My sincere recommendation.

Dr. Becky K.

Nice product; I enjoyed using it.

Davis Clinic

Not the best solution for mesotherapy I’ve tried, but not the worst. Not my cup of tea, I need to look for other options.

S. Palonbo

Pluryal Meso I is a nice dermal filler, its multifunctionality is definitely a plus. My customers were happy with the results, so I think I will order more of this filler later. The price is also great and affordable. And of course, the service in Beauty Dermal is outstanding, they are always very nice and understanding. Thank you for your work!

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