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Pluryal Volume 1ml
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Preparations for contouring and biorevitalization Pluryal Injectables were developed by MD Skin Solutions (Luxembourg) according to the exclusive production concept P.R.E.M.I.U.M. Each Pluryal filler is designed for different facial areas.

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About Pluryal Volume

Pluryal Volume is a thick gel of hyaluronic origin. The active substance of the remedy is a non-animal bacteria-based substance which concentration is 23 milligrams per 1 milliliter. The filler is introduced into the deep layers of the dermis. Pluryal Volume is developed with the usage of unique and effective PREMIUM technology, by which hyaluronic acid is purified from protein and toxins, the active substance is resistant to decay and is combined with the help of butadiene diglycidyl ether compound. Thanks to these compounds, the gel is elastic and easily inserted under the skin. The level of concentration of pH and hyaluronic acid is biocompatible with skin cells so there are no side effects and pain. The filler is evenly distributed under the skin and the result is stable and natural after injection.

?an I buy Pluryal Volume online in the USA and can I buy Pluryal Volume wholesale?

With Beauty Dermal, you can order Pluryal Volume with delivery. We guarantee you quality products, reliable and fast service and availability of goods. We?re always ready to answer all the product related questions and help you choose the most comfortable delivery.

Where can I use the filler?

Pluryal Volume is used to restore volume in areas such as chin, cheeks, cheekbones, lips. Suitable for face modeling, crease filling, nose shape correction, and intimate plastics.

What are the contraindications to injecting?

Before making the procedure, the specialist should exclude pregnancy, the increased sensitivity to the composition of the filler, diabetes mellitus or the tendency to form scars. The hematomas after administration pass in 7-10 days. It is necessary to transfer the session to another day if the patient is ill with influenza, herpes is in the active stage, inflammation or purulent formations are present on the skin. It is not recommended to undergo peels or laser treatments until 21 days after the procedure.

What is the Pluryal Volume price in the Beauty Dermal online store?

Beauty Dermal is a Pluryal Volume supplier in the USA. That guarantees you the highest quality and original products at the lowest price. You can order this filler or others in our online store. We offer a wide selection of quality goods at low prices. Choose BeautyDermal – we?ll save your money and time.

Pluryal Volume 1ml reviews:

Riley Guevara

Very good, I have no complaints. The manager was lovely, and the parcel arrived quickly. Thank you, you are amazing!

Meaghan Journee



Nice product that works perfectly for volume restoration in older patients. Cheeks, lips area, around the eyes – the variety is truly great. And the result lasts for a long time as well! A great solution for those who seek younger-looking skin!

Robyn D.

Really nice product with a soft effect. Side effects are minimal, most people don’t experience them at all. Thank you for the fast delivery, I will order it again for my clinic in the future.

Lily Copeland

It is a pleasure to find a good and active filler for my work. The effect is noticeable immediately, no allergic reactions, well formed under the skin.

Miriam Williams

Worked with many filers but Pluryal Voluma gives my patients the best lips, so I choose it and only on this site.

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