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Radiesse 0.8ml With Lidocaine
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Radiesse natural lifting filler provides long-lasting correction of wrinkles and improvement of skin quality due to collagen stimulation. Used in various fields of medicine, which proves its effectiveness and safety.

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Radiesse Lidocaine 0.8 ml – the Best Solution for Beautiful Women

Radiesse of this model is produced by the same company. It is a powerful effective filler designed to combat skin imperfections. It penetrates into the deepest layers of the dermis and is evenly distributed in them. The substance is active for 15 months. You can buy Radiesse Lidocaine 0.8 ml online wholesale in 0.8 ml syringes. The country of origin is the United States of America.

This is a semipermanent implant made from a biologically compatible substance that is to be removed from the body over time. The effect persists for a longer period of time as compared to other gels. This time span is 18 months. This biological corrector is used to fight against wrinkles, as well as for the purpose of volumetric modeling of certain parts of the face.

Maximum Comfort and Effect Worth the Radiesse Lidocaine 0.8 ml Price

To make the procedure of filler plasty as comfortable as possible for the patient, cosmetologists choose one of the three ways:

  • skin preparation with a special anesthetic cream;
  • dilution of the correction composition with lidocaine solution;
  • giving injections of preparations containing an anesthetic substance in their composition.

It is the last option that is considered to be the most common, since it ensures maximum comfort and effect.

Buy Radiesse Lidocaine 0.8 ml Online to Get Lifting Effect without Surgery

The preparation is an effective tool to combat age-related changes. After the suspension is introduced, the wrinkles are filled in. This is done in the areas that lack subcutaneous fat. 80% of the total effect is achieved at once. Another 20% of the effect can be seen 2-3 weeks after the session.

With the course of time, while the preparation is affecting the skin, the gel substance is being absorbed by microphages. As a result, they are covered with collagen fibers and create a natural frame. The preparation functions for 12-18 months. For the longest possible effect, a repeated correction procedure is required. To save money, buy Radiesse Lidocaine 0.8 ml online (discounts are offered). In comparison with other hyaluronic fillers, this product does not provide the skin with proper moistening.

Indications for Use

The product is indispensible when it is necessary to:

  • work with soft tissues in problem areas;
  • eliminate wrinkles of large and medium depth;
  • struggle with indistinct facial contours;
  • eliminate defects in the shape of the nose, earlobe;
  • eliminate age-related changes;
  • combat scars.

After the procedure, the person acquires tightened beautiful contours and even relief. The age category of patients who can use it is 35-60 years old.

Adverse Reactions

Hyperemia may occur in the area of the injection site. Bruises and small edema are also possible. They do not persist for more than one week.

Care after the Procedure

When this preparation is used, it takes time to recover as there is no enzyme antidote to the composition. The procedure should be entrusted only to a competent specialist who has a license and a certificate for performing it and purchases preparations from a reliable Radiesse Lidocaine 0.8 ml supplier. Before the injection you should avoid taking alcohol and aspirin. On the day of the session you should not sunbathe and visit a bath or sauna.

Radiesse 0.8ml With Lidocaine reviews:

Roselyn Harrison

Radiesse is a good brand, it provides a quite decent effect. It’s natural-looking and long-lasting, and most patients can use it safely. Thank you so much for your work, Beauty Dermal, you are real professionals!

Mariah Kat

Love this version of Radiesse! 5/5.

Dash Stanley

Thanks for the good service!

John Ryleigh

4/5, a good cosmetic injectable. With a bit too subtle result.

Samantha Oz

Radiesse is definitely one of the best dermal fillers I have tried so far!!! Will order again.

Marissa Lisso

It’s my favorite version of Radiesse. So, please let me know when it’s back in stock.

Daisy Harris

The product is good, delivery was fast. Order it if you are interested.

Dr. Geraldine Hatfield

I am a dermatology doctor with almost 8-years experience. In the last 2 years, Radiesse has become really popular, especially among patients in their 30ies. I think it is explained by the boom for naturalness, and all plump lips and cheeks are the thing of the past. I like the effect of Radiesse as it helps the skin from inside. In 2 months you gradually notice as wrinkles and flabbiness disappear. Wonderful discovery of modern cosmetology. Recommend.

Anne B.

I prefer products with lidocaine in their composition because in this way the procedure is not painful and less uncomfortable for the patient. Radiesse lido has already proved its reputation as an extremely effective and easy-to-use filler. And I’ve been buying it in BeautyDermal for almost two years now, so I’m always sure of the quality of everything I order for my clinic. Thank you!

Lexie Hays

Good filler. Satisfied with site's work and delivery.

Sandra Blomfield

Painless when administered, but if compared with other filles weaker in action.

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