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Teosyal Puresense Ultimate 3ml
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The massive success of the Teosial product line, which includes many preparations for the correction of wrinkles, skin nourishment and biorevitalization, is due to the highest quality standards of the Swiss company and constant innovations. Each Teosyal filler is designed for different facial areas.

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About Teosyal Puresense Ultimate 3 ml

Teosyal Puresense Ultimate, based on hyaluronic acid, allows you to restore the skin’s elasticity and give it a healthy look.

Can I buy Teosyal Puresense Ultimate 3 ml online in USA and can ? buy Teosyal Puresense Ultimate 3 wholesale?

You can use our service and buy Teosyal Puresense Ultimate 3 ml online in the USA at the online store of Beauty Dermal. We offer you the best service and the best deals to buy Teosyal Puresense Ultimate 3 ml wholesale. With us, you have the opportunity to choose the convenient way of delivery. BeautyDermal is a reliable service always ready to provide our customers with all the necessary help and assistance while ordering Teosyal Puresense Ultimate 3 ml.

What is a Teosyal Puresense Ultimate filler?

Hyaluronic acid and lidocaine are the active substances of the product. Hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin is fully compatible with the human body. It minimizes all possible negative reactions of the body. After administration under the skin, sodium hyaluronate fills the free areas under the skin and accumulates water, thereby smoothing out wrinkles. The gel is purified from proteins and bacterial toxins. Thanks to lidocaine in the composition of the product, the procedure is almost painless.

What are the advantages of Teosyal Puresense Ultimate over other fillers?

Teosyal Puresense Ultimate is designed to improve the skin condition. Over time, small and deep wrinkles begin to appear, the skin becomes sagging and flabby. Due to the action of the filler, there occurs volume rejuvenation. The remedy corrects the contour of the face, filling the necessary facial areas. The filler gives volume to cheeks and cheekbones, improving the skin tone.

The result after the introduction of the product lasts from 12 to 18 months. That?s another one advantage of the filler.

What adverse reactions can occur after Teosyal Puresense Ultimate injection?

The gel can cause adverse reactions despite its biocompatibility. In some cases, swelling, redness, and inflammation may occur after the injections, which persist within 24-48 hours. It is forbidden to enter the product during pregnancy and hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid. The procedure should be postponed if patients have acute inflammatory processes or when infectious and viral diseases are in the active stage.

What are the benefits of an online shop Beauty Dermal and what is the cost of Teosyal Puresense Ultimate 3ml?

Beauty Dermal is an online store that is a Teosyal Puresense Ultimate 3ml supplier both wholesale and individually. Teosyal Puresense Ultimate 3 ml price varies in different ranges, but we offer you affordable prices and quality delivery. The price for Teosyal Puresense Ultimate 3 ml at the online store of Beauty dermal is much lower than other online services offer.

Teosyal Puresense Ultimate 3ml reviews:


5/5, excellent injectable, love it

Shayne M.

Nice product with lidocaine in its composition, which makes the administration process very easy and comfortable both for a client and me. The results are also good, the effect is visible right after the injection, and injection site reactions disappear within a day. Lovely!

Angeline Beasley

A great contour filler that I use frequently in work. The delivery service from the site is also great.

Virginia Gerald

Passed recently on drugs Teosyal. Honestly, the skin recovers faster, the result lasts longer. I will work with him continue to order them here.

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