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The question of morality is especially topical in the modern world. Vegetarianism and veganism went behind the frames of diets a long time ago, and now they became a philosophy of life. With the growing popularity of vegetarianism and beauty injections, any aesthetic doctor may face such a situation when the client asks what is Botox injection, and is it suitable for vegans? Vegetarians? What about other similar remedies? Dysport vs Botox? Let us figure it out.

What products are considered suitable for vegetarians?

There are two basic factors that determine whether a product can be used by vegetarians or not: composition and product testing.


Many people have a misleading concept, thinking it is enough to stop eating meat to become vegetarian. In reality, the vegetarian?s diet refuses any food products from the animals, including meat and eggs. They also do not wear leather and fur clothes, shoes, or other accessories.

Moreover, other things they buy or use, like cosmetics, medications, etc., should not include any ingredient of animal origin. This philosophy is aimed at ceasing the sufferings of animals in all possible senses.

Animal testing

To make sure the drug or any other cosmetic remedy is safe for usage, many companies test their products on animals. Mostly these are rabbits, mice, or rats. For example, they can test a shampoo to make sure it does not cause allergy, irritation, etc.

The law allows manufacturers to define their product as vegetarian if they do not have any animal-based ingredients in their composition. However, most vegetarians regard the product as suitable only when it is not tested on animals.

What are Botox and Dysport?

To understand whether it is possible to use Dysport or Botox for vegetarians, we should find out what it is and what its main ingredients are. Dysport & Botox are neuro relaxants used to eliminate dynamic wrinkles on the face, treat migraines, hyperhidrosis, Blepharospasm, overactive bladder, limbs spasticity, cerebral spasticity, etc. As you see, the sphere of usage is impressive.

The active ingredient in the drug is the botulinum toxin produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. In pure form, it is a dangerous poison able to paralyze and kill the victim. Now, after multi-stage purification and refining, the medicine is safe for usage for the patients and provides just local effect. Dysport is a similar product, Botox alternative from another manufacturer.

Are Botox and Dysport vegetarian products?

 Along with the main ingredient botulinum toxin, both of the remedies contain human albumin, a special protein found in the human blood. It is added to make the drug more combinable with the human tissues and minimize the possible side effects or body rejection. Except for human blood, human albumin can be extracted from eggs. Unfortunately, this fact makes both Dysport and Botox non-vegetarian products.

There are other brands similar to Botox: Xeomin, Bocouture, and Azzalure. The composition of these remedies also includes human albumin, and they are not suitable for vegetarians.

Are Dysport and Botox vegan?

If you ask ?is Botox vegan??, by ?vegan?, we mean the one that is animal-friendly or, in other words, cruelty-free. This supposes that the product is not tested on animals. Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, tests its medication on mice. The same does Merz, the manufacturer of Dysport. Ipsen, the company that produces Xeomin and Bocouture, has promised to cease animal testing of their products. So, there is a hope that in the nearest future, vegetarians and vegans will belong to those who can inject Botox alike products without betraying their moral principles.

At the same time, we should understand that all these products are based on the toxin, and the safety of the drug is a basic priority. Otherwise, it may lead to fatal consequences. That is why this is a controversial point whether refusal from animal testing for medical products is possible in general. In any way, for now, Botox and Dysport, as well as other botulinum toxin products, are neither vegetarian nor vegan.

Final word

Vegetarians may have different views on animal food consumption and cruelty, but their desire to stay healthy, young, and beautiful is as strong as for all other people. With such a variety of cosmetic procedures, beauty injections are #1. Botulinum toxin injections are a wonderful solution to prevent and eliminate wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and under the eyes caused by active facial expressions. So, are Botox and Dysport suitable for vegetarians? Unfortunately, at the present time, no. Their compositions contain human albumin, and they are both tested on animals. We hope that in the nearest future, the manufacturers will find a way out how to make their remedies safe without involving animals at any stage of production. They are actively working on the issue. Meanwhile, you can offer your clients beauty injections with dermal fillers that also perfectly fight aging changes, and there are a lot of brands suitable for vegetarians.

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