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Just a few years ago, people even did not regard depression as a serious decease. Now, the doctors are looking for new and more effective remedies to treat this mysterious sickness, understanding how much the depressed condition spoils the quality of life and what serious consequences it may have. The modern market is overwhelmed with antidepressants, but the trick is that they do not work for all patients, and taking into account the fact that 264 million people are suffering from depression, this is a serious problem. Fortunately, Botox injections for depression have shown a considerable improvement in the patients suffering from this decease what gives hope that the scientists and doctors will finally pick up the key to the effective treatment of depression.

What does the research say?

I guess that everybody who works with Botox knows about incredible peculiarities of the botulinum toxin, which comprises the base for the drug. However, the interest in the substance grows with every year, opening the new and new cosmetic and therapeutic possibilities.


The genius idea to use Botox for depression originated when ten patients with this disease were given the botulinum toxin injections, and nine of them reported considerable improvements. The effects appeared after two months after the procedure.

It was not an outstanding outbreak in the sphere of medicine, but it has given an impulse for the doctors and scientists to investigate the issue.


The following experiment, which took place in 2012, was very similar to the one in 2006, but it involved thirty participants and one more remedy – placebo saline. The doctors divided the patients into two groups, where the first one received Botox treatment for depression, while the second group – placebo saline correspondingly.

After six months period, more than forty-seven percent of those, who received a single injection of Botox, reported decreases in their depression symptoms. Placebo saline could boast just approximately nine percent of the satisfied patients.

This experiment has proven the effectiveness of Botox and estimated the time (six months) the drug needed to start working and show real results.


This study aimed at further more detailed investigation of the Botox’s impact on the depression conditions. The doctors have gathered thirty participants with major depression who take antidepressants. All of them were given a single shot of the remedy. Where is Botox injected for depression treatment? In this and the previous experiments, the doctors injected the toxin into the glabella area (the zone between the eyebrows).

The therapists monitored any modifications and/or improvements in the patients’ health conditions every three weeks for the next twenty-four weeks. The experiment has shown that the effect after Botox injection for depression treatment lasts for about twelve to sixteen weeks.

Present times

The researches continue, as the doctors are far from the clue how Botox helps to decrease the symptoms of depression. All studies that are going on show positive results on how botulinum toxin reliefs the major depression condition and the therapists are very positive about the future of Botox for this purpose.

Can I buy Botox online? Yes, if you are a trained and certified practitioner.

How does it work?

The principle of action of the botulinum toxin is always the same irrespectively of the purpose of why you inject it into the patient’s skin or muscles. It penetrates into the tissues, blocks the nerve endings, and paralyzes the muscles, preventing them from contraction. How can this ability help to treat depression?

In fact, even doctors themselves did not come to one precise answer on why and how it works. There is a theory that the improvement of appearance helps to relieve depressive symptoms and make the patient feel happier. This suggestion is straightforward and was successfully rejected when even people without wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows still reported improvements in their wellbeing after the injection. The second theory says that the relief of the tension in the area of the forehead relaxes the nerves and muscles, weakening the symptoms of depression.

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