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According to various oversight bodies, many doctors, so as to give “beauty injections” to their patients, use counterfeit BOTOX preparations. This can lead to serious consequences not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of health. Let us find out how to tell a genuine product from a counterfeit one and avoid worsening of the general state of health.

What to Pay Attention to First

If you have a desire to undergo an injection procedure, it is necessary to find out what exactly will get under the skin of your face and body. To do this, you need to ask the doctor or the administrator of a medical institution or a cosmetology cabinet to show you the certificate of the product. It must necessarily bear a blue seal.

Consumers have the right to ask the seller to show them the bottle, where the serial number of the preparation is indicated. After that, it will be necessary to compare the serial number indicated in the certificate with the serial number on the bottle. You should also ask the doctor to open the bottle in front of you, not behind a screen or in another room.

The largest number of counterfeit preparations is made in China. Customs check of these products is not carried out, so border guards and authorities cannot control their imports. The main danger of counterfeit preparations is that they are likely to contain the following substances:

  • silicone;
  • preserving agents;
  • oils.

A counterfeit product can cause a serious allergic reaction and lead to scar formation. In theory, the patient may even get poisoned and suffer from skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, headaches or dizziness. It is impossible to predict the consequences of such a procedure with 100% certainty, since the true composition of the counterfeit remains a secret, and there may be anything in it. This is why it is reasonable to buy Botox online from tried-and-true suppliers.

Whom to Appeal to for Botox Procedures

The cosmetic procedure should be performed strictly by a doctor who has undergone specialist training and has a proper experience in working with BOTOX-based products. In practice, 90% of the complications after the “operation”, about which representatives of the media “shout” so loudly, arise because of the low level of the personnel’s qualification and professionalism. Therefore, it is more reasonable to address specialized institutions, where doctors perform “diagnostic” procedures, inquire about possible contraindications, arrange planning and make a treaty.

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How to Check the Differences Between Counterfeit and Genuine Products

The personnel who lack the proper level of professionalism cannot do this. It is possible to prevent counterfeit products from getting on the cosmetologist’s table only if you refrain from acquiring suspiciously cheap products for which there is no medical license. The fact is that genuine high quality preparations cannot be cheap.

Therefore, if you drop in a beauty salon, and they offer you a discount of 30% and more, most probably, you are dealing with a fake product or with a product the expiry term of which will soon end. Such products are most often used by inexperienced cosmetologists who get their hand on their clients and gain experience.

On the packaging of a genuine product there should be the name in the local language, which indicates that the goods have been legally imported from abroad. On bottles containing 100 units of the preparation the hologram is located on the white label on the lilac cap, and on bottles containing 200 units of the preparation it is on the orange cap. You can see it in our catalogue. In prestigious clinics where doctors value their own reputation, there will be no refusal to show you the bottle. On the contrary, the doctor will permit you to read the information to make certain that the product is genuine. The label must bear a hologram with the company’s name and the name of the city where the product was made (this is IRVAYEN, USA, ALLERGAN).

What Specialists Do in Specialized Clinics

Many doctors do not freeze the preparation. On the contrary, it is in their interest to gather as many patients as possible, to open the bottle and use all the preparation at once. It is possible to freeze it, but no longer than for 10 days. However, it is worth taking into account that the drug partially loses its qualities when it is frozen.

Therefore, if you are offered a BOTOX injection without arranging an appointment in advance, and a new bottle is not opened in front of you, most likely, it was diluted in advance and kept in the freezer.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to find out how long it was there. Patients should be charged strictly for the preparation, not for ampoules or syringes! It is also necessary to know this before contacting a beauty salon!