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Dermal filler injections are definitely at the peak of their popularity; more and more people choose this rejuvenation option to improve their appearance, deal with minor problems that affect their self-esteem, and enjoy glowing and smooth skin. Wrinkles, asymmetry, thin lips — all these issues can be solved with just one administration session. However, many individuals don’t know about more unusual uses of facial fillers, and that’s the main topic of today’s discussion. Find out all the most surprising treatments people choose when striving for perfection. Maybe you’ve already heard about them, but knowing all the options is still nice.

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Unusual Purposes of a Dermal Filler Treatment

While some individuals think dermal fillers are only suitable for facial rejuvenation and treating deep wrinkles, they don’t even know how mistaken they are. Many dermal fillers work for other aesthetic goals, and we’re here to tell more about the most unusual ones.

#1. Hand Rejuvenation

It’s common for people to spend thousands on skincare to prevent facial wrinkles but completely ignore other areas, such as their hands. And that’s a shame because, as we use our hands practically all the time, prominent signs of aging are noticeable in this region much faster. Gladly, certain dermal fillers can restore lost volume in hands, make skin softer and more hydrated, and give it a more youthful appearance.

#2. Earlobe Correction

It may sound strange to some people, but earlobe shape correction is quite a trendy procedure. Earlobes can get saggy and enlarged due to reduced collagen production, which is typical of aging. Injectable fillers can help with the volume, add firmness, and restore their original shape, giving a person a whole new, rejuvenated appearance. It may seem like nothing to you, but who are we, as if not the creation made of details?

#3. Post-Acne Scars

Scars can occur for numerous reasons, including acne, injuries, surgeries, etc. Certain people can deal with them with topical treatments, like chemical peelings or IPL therapy. However, this is not enough for deep scarring, and that’s where the benefits of dermal fillers are the most noticeable. By administering hyaluronic acid under the skin – as it’s a naturally occurring substance – specialists can fill in hollow eres, thus making skin texture more even. Besides, most HA injectables are able to stimulate natural collagen production, which also positively influences the skin in the long run. Dermal fillers offer much more than just lines and wrinkles reduction, and you’ll be on top of your cosmetic routine as soon as you accept that.

#4. Undereye Puffiness Reduction

The under-eye area is the most sensitive on the face. Any signs of aging, fatigue, or stress are pretty visible, as we may notice more prominent under-eye bags and dark circles. And even though you may think that it’s a bad idea to introduce a volumizing gel to the region, which is already quite puffy, the truth is a strategic placement of the filler can help smooth out the area and even out one’s facial structure. Add a little bit of product to the hollows in the under-eye bags for a fresher and better-looking, youthful appearance.

#5. Decolette Rejuvenation

Excessive sun exposure often causes signs of aging in the chest area early in life. This may lead to dermis thinning, sagging skin, and other unfortunate effects that can significantly affect one’s appearance. Correctly-picked dermal fillers may help reduce fine lines, hydrate the skin, and enhance their natural beauty. Sometimes, topical treatments may be enough, but in some instances, special help from within is highly demanded. So why not consider dermal fillers for the decollete area? The procedure is fast and safe, and the efficiency is on an excellent level.

Traditional Uses of Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have multiple traditional uses that help with skin elasticity, tone, and texture quite well. Generally, specialists use them to deal with aging signs and correct some minor concerns, such as thin lips or slight facial asymmetry. One thing remains unchangeable: the effect is natural and quite long-lasting, and it can be easily supported with the help of regularly performed treatments.

Some of the most common areas for the procedure include these:

  • Nasolabial folds. These lines that go from sides of the nose to lip corners often deepen with age;
  • Marionette lines. This type of wrinkle goes from the mouth corners down to the chin, creating a doll-like expression on the lower face;
  • Lip augmentation. People who want plump up thin lips or just need to correct contours or shape can definitely consider lip fillers as an option. It will also help with vertical lip lines;
  • Cheeks and chin augmentation. These procedures belong to facial contouring treatments, helping to improve facial shape;
  • Jawline contouring. For individuals who want a sharper and more defined jawline, a proper hyaluronic acid filler can help with this task immensely;
  • Nose reshaping. Of course, you may consider surgical rhinoplasty, but why bother with a more risky and expensive option if you can use a reversible dermal filler?

Everything we mentioned in this paragraph is more of the traditional dermal filler use, so it’s widely discussed in the cosmetic beauty sphere. Plus, one of the best things is that the treatment plan can be created according to one’s unique needs, so in the end, everyone will be satisfied with the outcome.

Dermal fillers procedure

How Effective Are Dermal Fillers for the Appearance Boost?

Injectable dermal fillers come in different forms and volumes, that’s why it’s pretty easy to pick the best option according to one’s needs. Various active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, poly-L-lactic acid), number of units in the dose, density, and other vital factors are quite significant to plan a suitable treatment plan, which is why finding an experienced specialist is crucial.

Based on the filler type and the size of the treated zone, the longevity varies as well. Of course, there is a big gap between six and eighteen months, and that’s where a well-trained doctor can help properly after discussing all the nuances of one’s current health situation, aesthetic goals, and other points. So you may see that facial injectables have quite a broad spectrum of usage, so practically any request can be easily fulfilled.

The Summary

Dermal filler treatments provide a wide spectrum of benefits, and that’s the leading beauty of this procedure type. People with various needs can fulfill their desires, deal with minor imperfections, and achieve the looks they want without the need for challenging plastic surgeries. As you can see, the variety of aesthetic goals that can fulfill various requests is really impressive, so there’s always an option to discuss your wants with a specialist and decide on a suitable procedure, types of dermal fillers, their dose, and other essential factors. Who knows, maybe this treatment is everything you need to achieve your appearance goals.