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Is beauty just for women? No way. This is an old-fashioned stereotype. Nowadays, many men take care of their appearance on par with females. However, their perception and requirements for beauty are quite different. Men definitely are not ready to sacrifice for the sake of their faces and body. Moreover, most of them would like to keep it secret they visit a cosmetologist or plastic surgeon. Men want to preserve their masculinity, and this is the main demand for any procedure they plan to do. So, what are these noninvasive cosmetic treatments customized for men that can improve the appearance without hurting the masculinity? Let?s figure it out!

Noninvasive lipo treatments

A perfect body is a dream of every man (and woman, actually, as well). Unfortunately, sitting way of life, unbalanced nutrition, fast food, lack of physical exercise and sleep, stresses, sometimes, genetic peculiarities, different diseases, and a number of other problems contribute to obesity and loss of excellent physical form. A balanced healthy diet and gym could definitely improve the situation, but unfortunately, in a busy world like ours, with the crazy pace of life, do everybody has time, money, and the possibility to live a healthy lifestyle?

For those who have neither timer, nor money, nor desire to work on their bodies, a cosmetologist can offer a wonderful noninvasive procedure with such remedies as Aqualyx. The uniqueness of the procedure is that injections of the mentioned drug allow decreasing fat deposits locally. Thus, you can get rid of your belly, fat on the legs and hands, or any other area that bothers you. The main benefit is that it is fast (the process of the injection will take around 60 minutes, depending on the area), involves minimal invasion (traces of the syringe are almost invisible, and the procedure does not demand recovery). When administered into the skin tissues, the drug gradually digests fat layers in the area of injection. This is a perfect solution for those who want to become slimmer or have local problems and does not have to get rid of it by traditional means.

Botox therapy

Yeah, yeah. Men are also scared of aging and wrinkles. So, Botox injections work perfectly fine for eliminating creases on the skin, not just for women but men as well. Moreover, it is a wonderful choice as it does not alter the appearance, and you will remain as masculine as you are just looking younger. The injections of toxin will temporarily prevent the contraction of the muscles, eliminating wrinkles and folds. The most frequent areas for Botox treatments for men are:

  • Under-eye zone
  • Glabella (between eyebrows)
  • Forehead

There is a myth that Botox prevents facial expressions and makes a face look unemotional like a plastic doll. The truth is that you should find a qualified and experienced doctor who will be able to define the appropriate dosage of the drug. In this case, you will preserve your facial expressions and get rid of wrinkles. The effect after treatment may last up to 6 months, and then the muscles will renew their ability to contract. If you want to keep the result, you would need reinjection.

Dermal fillers noninvasive wrinkles treatments

This is one more way to get rid of mimic or aging wrinkles and folds. The most popular are remedies with hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxide. Fillers with hyaluronic acid provide immediate visible results, smooth the skin, lift contours, increases elasticity, hydrate. This substance is synthetic, so it does not cause allergies or body rejection. Moreover, among the benefits of dermal fillers is that you may change your facial features, for example, define the cheekbones, jawline, or chin (the most popular areas for men) to add definition and masculinity to your face or even straighten the nose.

Calcium hydroxide is a perfect choice for those who are afraid to look any different. This substance does not provide immediate results and does not change facial features. When injected into the skin tissues, it works on the cellular level. It boosts inner collagen and elastin production processes. As a result, the skin rejuvenates from inside. The wrinkles and folds smooth out, skin tightens and lifts, and in general, it becomes even, hydrated, and healthier.


This procedure is quite popular and can solve a lot of problems. The remedies for mesotherapy are injectable cocktails of vitamins, minerals, acids, herbal extracts, and other useful components. Men can use this procedure for the face to nourish the skin, eliminate wrinkles and folds, provide radiance. Also, men usually suffer from alopecia. Mesotherapy injections can help to solve this problem. A rich injectable solution with various vitamins and minerals complexes will deeply moisturize and nourish the skin tissues on the head, boosting hair growth. Of course, it depends on the peculiarities of your organism, and you would definitely need a consultation of a specialist and medical test, but mesotherapy indeed may help you to return the lost hair and your confidence.

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Final word

Fortunately, the modern world is not biased to masculine appearance and allows men to look good on par with women. Cosmetology and medicine offer a wide range of services to improve your appearance, and honestly speaking, all of them could be customized for men. However, lipo treatments, Botox, dermal fillers, and mesotherapy are those kinds of procedures that will help you to look better but still natural and masculine. All of them are fast and do not demand recovery, so even your close friends and family would not understand why you suddenly became younger, slimmer, and more handsome.