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In recent years, the beauty procedures for hair gained extreme popularity. The beauties all over the world are looking for new and effective ways to return density and shine to their braids. Among the most popular, Botox and Keratin are the most widespread, and women are very often confused about what to choose. To help you to make the correct choice, let?s first break it down what each of them represents.    

What is Hair Botox and Keratin Treatment? 

Both of them are hair therapies aimed at restoring the natural strength, shine, and beauty of the hair. The key difference between them lies in the fact that keratin treatment is a chemical smoothing process, which frequently contains formaldehyde and some other hash chemicals. It makes this procedure not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, children under the age of twelve, and women, who have allergies.  

Unlike keratin, Botox for hair is a non-chemical treatment, which aims to deep conditioning and nourishing of the hair, making it stronger, shinier, and healthier. The main ingredients include a rich cocktail of vitamins, amino acids, proteins, and lipids.  

How do Botox and Keratin Work? 

The principles of their action are very similar, and as a result, in both cases, you will get very similar effects. If we are talking about Keratin, its molecules do not penetrate inside the cuticle of the hair due to their large diameter. They remain on the external surface 

On the contrast, ingredients of Botox treatment for hair penetrate deeply inside the fair, nourishing it and restoring from inside with the help of its rich natural composition.  

What Effects to Expect? 

When clients choose any of the procedures, they have very similar expectations of a strong, smooth, shiny, and beautiful hair. However, there are several points to consider before making a choice.  

First of all, one of the greatest differences in the effects is that Keratin treatment is aimed first of all at smoothing and straightening the hair. After the procedure, you will receive smooth, shiny, silky, and straight hair. It will greatly simplify the process of your daily hair-styling and hair care. Unfortunately, it causes loss of volume, and as the treatment is chemical and is done under high temperatures, it can lead to hair damage.  

On the other hand, Botox hair products will not provide you with a considerable strengthening effect, although they are also aimed at eliminating frizz. Its primary goal is restoring the damaged hair by feeling the gaps with vitamins, proteins, and amino acids. The hair will look healthy, shiny, smooth, and silky, but it will not be straight like after the keratin treatment.  

What Procedure is Right for Me? 

If you want to achieve an excellent result without any harm to your hair, a perfect solution will be to consult with a professional hair master. Before choosing between Botox and Keratin, consider, first of all, the condition of your hair: whether it is dyed, damaged, or not. If your hair is weak, porous, or damaged, keratin straitening will kill it completely. In this case, it would be wise to renew its natural strength with the help of Botox.  

If your hair is in good condition, then consider what effect you want to get. If you have got curly or wavy unruly hair, keratin treatment may be a good solution. If you want just to add natural shine to your hair, make it healthier and stronger, Botox is just for you.  

How long will the Effect Last? 

After keratin, the hair will remain straight and silky approximately three months. The effects of Botox may last from two to four months. The good thing about the second variant is that you may buy Botox and make it at home, although the effects of visiting a professional salon are better. In any case, in order to preserve excellent results after both procedures, you would need to use special shampoo and hair conditioner.