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IUDs are among the most popular and effective ways to prevent pregnancy and help people start their families via planning (and not just unexpected accidents). The product itself is well-known and beloved by many women due to all the benefits and positive effects. However, some are not sure whether they should choose this form of birth control and postpone doctor’s appointments because of the lack of the info needed to make the decision.

So, our team prepared a useful article with all the needed details a person should be aware of IUDs. Read, learn, and enjoy together with Beauty Dermal

What Are IUDs and How Do They Work?

IUD (also known as intrauterine device) is a tiny, flexible, T-shaped product for preventing pregnancy. It is meant to be placed inside the uterus and create an inhospitable environment for the sperm and, in this way, act as a form of birth control.

There are two available forms of this device chosen depending on the patient’s goals and overall health condition – hormonal and copper IUDs. Copper IUD is a perfect option for those who cannot tolerate hormone progesterone and requires an effective alternative. This non-hormonal IUD can kill the sperm which tries to get into the egg and guarantees safety and effectiveness to a person. It may also be used as immediate birth control if inserted three days after sexual intercourse. Hormonal ones, on the other hand, can thicken cervical mucus in the uterus, as well as make sperm less active. In this, it simply cannot get to the egg and impregnate a woman.

We would like to remind you that IUDs cannot protect you from STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), so condoms should always be used in case there is no permanent sexual partner. It is also recommended to have regular doctor’s appointments in order to make sure the IUD is staying in place and doesn’t move (sometimes, this scenario is possible as well).

Reasons to Choose IUD Birth Control Method

Now, we are moving to the main part of the article. Below, you may find five main reasons people prefer IUD inserted over other forms of birth control. Those are gathered based on various surveys and questioners, so, without further ado, let’s start.

It’s highly effective

As results show, IUDs work 99% of the time (so, approximately 1 out of 100 women can get pregnant each year). Specialists claim that it is easier to prevent pregnancy with this device because, after a proper insertion, it is very hard to mess it up.

This method of birth control is reversible

An IUD is a reversible method of birth control; so, if a woman decides to get pregnant, she may remove the device and start trying right away. The IUD removal should be performed in the doctor’s office by a qualified specialist. If a person attempts to remove the device on their own, serious damages are possible – cuts, bruises, and even deep wounds.

You can regulate your menstrual cycle

An IUD can be prescribed to a woman by a healthcare provider in case of such health issues like endometriosis and uterine fibroids. Because of these issues, periods may become more painful and longer; excessive bleeding is also something a lot of patients experience.

With the help of progestin in the IUD’s composition, a female may experience lighter flow, fewer cramps, less mood swings, and a better mental and physical condition overall. Please keep in mind that copper IUDs cannot provide the same effect as hormonal ones, so discuss everything with a doctor more carefully in order to avoid misunderstandings and health troubles in the future.

IUDs are perfect for those who need a non-hormonal birth control

There are a few categories of patients who cannot use hormonal forms of pregnancy prevention due to various reasons:

  • Patients with breast cancer;
  • Women who are currently breastfeeding;
  • Those with a history of blood clots;
  • People with constant high pressure;
  • Those who smoke.

Exactly for all cases mentioned above, copper IUDs exist. They are as effective as hormonal ones and can be used by those who cannot tolerate progesterone (under a condition there are no allergies, of course).

There are two types of IUDs

That is very convenient because some people cannot use copper devices, and some may experience unfortunate health complications because of the hormone progestin. In this way, a doctor may prescribe the best and the most effective product in order to achieve the desired result.

Reasons Not to Choose Hormonal IUDs

Of course, if there is a list of benefits, there must be cons that should be considered as well. As we are taking care of our readers, we would like to show the complete picture to them so that the right decision can be taken. Potential IUD users need to consider the following factors:

  • Some people cannot tolerate the device inside of them. An IUD inside the uterus can be unusual and uncomfortable, so some women prefer traditional condoms and pills or inserted devices for pregnancy prevention;
  • Periods may become irregular. As periods become lighter and can disappear completely, it starts being very hard to guess when they will begin. So, for those who like to control this aspect of their lives, doctors recommend other birth control methods;
  • You plan to get pregnant the next year. IUDs can be pretty expensive; all because they keep their effect for 6-7 years after the insertion. So, specialists don’t recommend choosing another method to avoid pregnancy;
  • You have pelvic health issues. It includes sexually transmitted diseases, pelvic inflammation, and other conditions. In order to get an IUD, a patient needs to cure all health conditions they live with, and only after that consider the insertion of any birth control device;
  • Risks are still present after the insertion. If placed incorrectly, an IUD can still let sperm in and let it get into the egg; in this case, chances of ectopic pregnancy become very high. Note to mention side effects many women need to deal with.

To Conclude

An IUD is an extremely effective and comfortable form of birth control. It lasts for many years and causes minimal complications to women (if inserted correctly by a certified professional, of course). However, even though there are a lot of reasons why you should choose this device, we would like to recommend you to think everything through and go to a doctor’s office to consult before making this decision. Hopefully, our blog post answered some of your questions about IUDs. Thank you for reading!