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Radiesse and Juvederm are incredibly popular in the cosmetic beauty sphere due to numerous reasons. The variety of their aesthetic purposes is impressive, the treatment itself is much safer than plastic surgeries, and the beneficial components of these products allow helping patients with different requests, skin conditions, and appearances. However, in order to choose the most suitable option for one’s needs and purchase dermal fillers that will work best for one’s particular case, it’s vital to know and understand the differences between the brands: active substances, durability, purposes are just a few of the primary characteristics that shouldn’t be ignored.

That’s why the BeautyDermal team prepared this article – to highlight all the essentials and point out what to pay attention to when choosing the best dermal filler option for a customer’s needs. We are sure you already know all the details, but using a little reminder to refresh your knowledge won’t harm you!

Before Going Deeper: Primary Information About Both Brands

We would like to remind you that Juvederm and Radiesse are available on the BeautyDermal website. To buy Juvederm online or order any other dermal filler brand of your liking, you need to be a board-certified medical professional. Only in this way procedures in your clinic can be considered safe and legally allowed. 

Before comparing Radiesse and Juvederm dermal fillers, it is better to discuss their primary characteristics. By having a better understanding of those, it would be much easier to select the right product by the brand, calculate the dose, and create a treatment plan. Let’s look closely!

Juvederm Fillers

Juvederm dermal filler injections are among the most famous creations of the Allergan cosmetic manufacturer. The active substance used in the product’s composition is hyaluronic acid, which means this injectable is not only perfect for wrinkles elimination and facial rejuvenation but also for hydration improvement. It doesn’t matter whether a patient wants to enhance lips, deal with nasolabial folds, or get rid of dryness in some facial regions – the Juvederm brand will have a solution for their problem. The most popular dermal fillers from this brand are:

The results after the procedure are natural-looking and durable, and HA molecules get absorbed by the body tissues after some time. This is the main reason why it’s recommended to have a maintenance appointment once a year to make the effect last longer.

Radiesse for Facial Correction

Unlike Juvederm hyaluronic acid fillers, Radiesse injectables have non-toxic calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) in their composition, which has a different working principle than a previously discussed product. Created by Merz Aesthetics, this brand noticeably improves natural collagen production in the body, so the volume in hollow areas can be effectively restored. Adverse reactions are rare for this type of injectable because it’s already present in human bones and teeth, and its gel-like consistency guarantees a quick, smooth administration session without any complications.

To order Radiesse online, every specialist must demonstrate their medical license to prove their abilities and experience. Afterward, the product can easily be used in a clinic.

Radiesse vs. Juvederm Filler. Characteristics’ Comparison

Now that we know the basics, we can discuss the characteristics of Juv?derm and Radiesse dermal filler treatments. Because these two are similar in some aspects, it often confuses newcomers in the aesthetic cosmetic sphere. Thus, we believe it’s a good idea to look at those closely and see that distinguishing two brands from one another is not challenging and manageable even for an inexperienced person.

#1. Composition

We have already mentioned this factor briefly in the previous paragraph, so now let’s only have a general overview to consolidate the knowledge:

  • For Juvederm dermal filler treatment, hyaluronic acid (HA) is used, which means this option would work better for individuals with dry skin and moderate to severe aging signs;
  • Radiesse has calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) in its composition, so this injectable is denser than HA-based gels. The best thing about it is the guarantee of a collagen production boost after cosmetic procedures, which will provide volume restoration and elimination of aging signs. An additional bonus is that Radiesse works well for facial contouring, so if a patient needs to enhance check volume, correct chin shape, or nose bridge, this injectable can be used as well.

However, there is still one thing both brands have in common – a small amount of lidocaine in some product variations. This option is perfect for individuals with low pain tolerance; one more beneficial thing that can be used before the injection session to eliminate the pain from the needle puncture is a topical numbing cream (it should be applied approximately 5 minutes before the injection session).

#2. Target Areas of the Radiesse Filler vs. Juvederm

Radiesse and Juvederm treatments have quite similar target areas; that’s not surprising since both brands’ main goal is to help people gain younger-looking skin without aging signs and other flaws. The most common target zones for these injectables are:

  • Lines in perioral and periorbital zones (marionette lines, chin wrinkles, nasolabial folds, etc.);
  • Volume correction (cheekbones, chin, temples, and so on);
  • Facial contours improvement;
  • Sagging jowls;
  • Etc.

    radiesse dermal fillers

You should remember that Radiesse is not meant for lip enhancement treatments, as its viscosity is too high for this sensitive area. Other than that, both products are quite similar.

#3. Outcomes and Durability

One of the main reasons people choose dermal filler injections over plastic surgery is, of course, the short time required to see the improvement. After the Juvederm administration, patients immediately notice the upgrade; with Radiesse, approximately two weeks are needed for the results to become visible.

Regarding the cost of Radiesse vs. Juvederm, the price for the procedures with both brands is pretty much the same (around $500/treatment). However, keep in mind that products’ durability is different – Juvederm lasts up to a year, and Radiesse may work up to 24 months!

You can also read our other comparisons of dermal fillers such as Profhilo vs. Rejuran. This is very useful and necessary information for everyone who is interested in beauty and wants to make beauty injections.

Adverse Reactions and Limitations. More About Safety Information

Side effects and irritations are typical for any aesthetic treatment, so it’s crucial to warn patients beforehand to ensure they know what to do and when it’s time to ask for help. Among the most common symptoms are bruising, swelling, redness, and other external irritations. Increased skin sensitivity and headaches may also be expected. Some of the concerning adverse reactions include:

  • Severe allergies;
  • Signs of infections;
  • Irregular heartbeat;
  • Signs of the filler migration under the skin;
  • Swollen throat or tongue;
  • Trouble breathing;
  • And others.

A doctor should be informed if any of these are experienced so that a customer may receive medical help right away. It’s also crucial to tell a specialist about certain health issues, as not everyone can use Radiesse and Juvederm for their needs. These conditions can be considered limitations to the treatment:

  • Known allergies to any components of the dermal filler;
  • Bleeding disorders;
  • Skin infections;
  • Irritations or inflammation in the target zone;
  • Keloids formation and scarring tendency;
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding.

A SIDE NOTE: Curious about finding the perfect Juvederm for your needs? Explore our comprehensive guide comparing Ultra and Ultra Plus in the article “Choosing the Right Juvederm: A Comprehensive Guide to Ultra vs. Ultra Plus“. It’s your key to making informed decisions!

The Final Word: What’s Better – Juvederm or Radiesse

There is no correct answer to the question of what’s better – Juvederm or Radiesse. Both products are excellent regarding skin rejuvenation and general appearance improvement, and to pick the best one, all that is needed is to have a clear understanding of the patient’s aesthetic goals and how to reach them. These brands work well as an alternative to plastic surgeries, so there’s nothing strange in their rising popularity all over the world.

To pick the right option for one’s needs, it’s important to discuss their goals and desires, examine whether it would be safe, and only then start the treatment. Be the one who makes dreams come true – choose BeautyDermal!