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Everyone dreams of having attractive, tight, and smooth body skin, especially when it comes to the stomach area. However, in some cases, a healthy diet and regular exercise might not be enough to achieve this dream. And here is when Morpheus8 comes into consideration.

So, what exactly is Morpheus8? What are its indications? What body areas might be addressed by it? What does its administration protocol look like? What are its expected results? And what side effects might occur after it? Below, you will find answers to all these questions!

According to recent statistics, Morpheus8 is rapidly gaining popularity these days. It helps thousands of people worldwide acquire attractive skin without causing much discomfort. As the vast majority of healthcare providers and their patients claim, Morpheus8 (stomach) before- and after-treatment results are incredible, especially paying attention to the fact that it is a minimally invasive procedure.

What Is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is an advantageous treatment for cellulite reduction, skin tightening, and fat removal. More precisely, it pairs microneedling with radiofrequency energy in order to create smooth, glowing, tightened, and attractive skin around the treated area.

As well, Morpheus8 improves the overall condition of the skin due to its power to boost collagen production and affect the lymphatic system in a positive way. This innovative treatment is characterized by high safety, strong effectiveness, and long-lasting duration of its results.

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Despite the fact that Morpheus8 is a minimally-invasive treatment, it creates substantial results without being too painful. They are way more visible than the results from any non-invasive procedure that addresses sagging, dull, and loose skin.

What Are the Indications for Morpheus8 Treatment?

While combining radiofrequency & microneedling, Morpheus8 treatment might be used for a number of indications related to the improvement of the overall skin condition. Below, you will find a short description of the main aesthetic problems addressed by it.


Cellulite is probably one of the most frequent skin problems experienced by a patient, regardless of their skin type and age. Luckily, it might be effectively addressed by Morpheus8. Due to the power of the treatment to improve the overall skin texture, it effectively minimizes cellulite and, therefore, improves the appearance of a patient’s body.

Sagging Skin

Sagging skin is one more problem that might be managed by Morpheus8. While being used to effectively stimulate collagen production, the treatment helps a patient to make their skin substantially tighter and, therefore, get rid of its sagginess. Thus, Morpheus8 serves as a solid alternative to plastic surgery.

Stretch Marks

Despite a common assumption that stretch marks might be removed only by a special laser treatment device, they might also be addressed with the help of Morpheus8. Together with improving the overall health of a patient’s skin, it is also used to treat stretch marks and, therefore, create substantially smoother skin.

Excessive Fat

Last but not least, Morpheus8 also does a great job when it comes to the reduction of localized excessive fat (especially when it comes to fat under the abdominal skin). One of the greatest benefits of the treatment in this regard is that it has the power to remove stubborn fat cells a patient couldn’t remove with the help of non-invasive methods.

Apart from the above-mentioned indications, Morpheus8 might also be used to take care of certain wrinkles on the skin around the treated zone. However, the result of the treatment in this regard strongly depends on the severity of these wrinkles.

What Body Areas Might Be Addressed by Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 might be used to address multiple areas of a patient’s body. They include:

  • Abdomen (especially the stomach zone);
  • Arms;
  • Buttocks;
  • Legs;
  • Thighs;
  • And so on.

In other words, Morpheus8 is an effective treatment for different body zones. However, the vast majority of patients undergo it to improve the appearance of their abdominal skin.

morpheus8 stomach before and after

If a patient would like to undergo the Morpheus8 treatment to treat any other body zone (except for the above-mentioned ones), it will be necessary to consult with a healthcare provider beforehand.

What Is the Treatment Protocol for Morpheus8?

According to the treatment protocol for Morpheus8, a patient might need to undergo multiple treatments in order to achieve optimal results. In most cases, three to six sessions might be required to substantially improve the appearance of a patient’s skin.

Still, the exact number of required Morpheus8 treatments strongly depends on the individual peculiarities of each patient (starting from their skin type and ending with their current age). It should be defined exclusively by a healthcare provider.

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Despite the fact that the treatment that involves Morpheus8 is not a surgery, it belongs to treatments intended for professional use. Therefore, only a certified healthcare provider with a valid medical license is eligible to perform it.

What Are the Expected Results After Morpheus8?

After undergoing multiple sessions of Morpheus8, a patient is expected to acquire permanent results. In other words, a patient’s skin quality is expected to be improved for an unlimited time period. It is one of the most substantial benefits of the treatment that differentiates it from a vast majority of similar treatments.

Despite the fact that the expected results after Morpheus8 are permanent, there still exists a risk that a patient will acquire new cellulite, stretch marks, or excessive fat after undergoing the treatment, especially in case of leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

What Side Effects Might Occur After Morpheus8?

After undergoing the treatment with the help of the Morpheus8 device, a patient (regardless of their skin type and age), might experience any of the following side effects at the treatment zone:

  • Mild discomfort (still, the procedure should not be painful under normal circumstances);
  • Skin irritation (including redness, itching, or swelling);
  • Light bruising.

It is also essential to mention that these side effects have a temporary character. They tend to fade away within two to five days after the procedure and do not usually require any medical supervision.

If a patient experience any serious side effects (for instance, severe discomfort) after undergoing Morpheus8, a healthcare provider should be contacted as soon as possible.

Final Words

All in all, Morpheus8 belongs to innovative, safe, and advantageous treatments of aesthetic medicine. It helps a patient to fight sagginess of the skin, cellulite, stretch marks, and excessive fat in different body areas. The minimal invasiveness, strong effectiveness, and permanent duration of Morpheus8 have made it exceptionally popular among healthcare providers and their patients worldwide.

So, how about giving Morpheus8 a try yourself? Let your skin be smooth, tightened, and glowing at all times!