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Human skin starts to gradually lose smoothness, elasticity, and hydration with age. It happens due to the gradual reduction of collagen and elastin production. Therefore, the older we get, the more necessary it becomes to take proper care of your skin by means of regularly visiting a cosmetologist. One of the most effective procedures for overall skin rejuvenation and enhancement a cosmetologist may offer is injectable treatment (the so-called mesotherapy). It might be performed by a variety of cosmetic fillers, Profhilo and Rejuran being among them.

So, what exactly is Profhilo? And what is Rejuran? What are the main similarities and differences between them? And, finally, how to choose between these two products? Go through the below-mentioned text to find answers to these questions. Let’s start the Profhilo vs. Rejuran battle right away!

Worth Knowing: Apart from Profhilo and Rejuran, such brands as Juvederm, Fillmed, Teosyal, and many more are also pretty popular when it comes to profound skin hydration, rejuvenation, and enhancement.

What Is Profhilo?

Profhilo is a brand of cosmetic injectables that produces solutions indicated for overall skin repair. It is manufactured in Switzerland by IBSA Group. The Profhilo range includes several injectable skin treatments, Profhilo H+L being probably the most widely-spread one.

The composition of Profhilo is based on pure thermally cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA). More precisely, it combines both high-molecular-weight HA and low-molecular-weight HA. The technology that is employed by Profhilo to create a hyaluronic acid-based solution is called NAHYCO. It ensures high safety, effectiveness, and long-lasting duration of the product.

Profhilo belongs to skin boosters that effectively treat sagging, dehydrated, and dull skin. Among the main areas that might be treated by Profhilo are the face, neck, decolletage, arms, and hands. According to its treatment course, Profhilo should be injected beneath a patient’s skin during the two procedures with a four-week interval between them. The complete Profhilo treatment usually provides a patient with a six-months result that might be prolonged by multiple injections from time to time.


What Is Rejuran?

Rejuran, in its turn, is also a brand of cosmetic injectables that specializes in the production of injectable skincare products. It is manufactured in South Korea by PharmaResearch. Among a number of injectable products in the Rejuran family, Rejuran Healer is considered to be the most popular one.

The composition of injectable Rejuran Healer treatments is based on polynucleotide (PN). Interestingly enough, it is a biological substance produced from salmon DNA fragments (which is, by the way, very similar to human DNA). While producing injectable treatments, Rejuran uses the most advanced South Korean technologies. They guarantee that the product is going to be safe, efficient, and long-lasting.

Worth Knowing: Rejuran also produces an innovative product that combines polynucleotide and hyaluronic acid in its composition, namely Rejuran HB. It effectively fights aging skin and, therefore, makes it look young and attractive.

The main purpose of Rejuran injections is skin healing that, in its turn, includes the profound improvement of skin texture, hydration, and elasticity. It is also sometimes used to improve the appearance of enlarged pores and acne scars. Moreover, they have many injection points all over the face, neck, decolletage, arms, and hands. The protocol of Rejuran injections suggests three to four treatment sessions with an interval of three weeks between each of them. In most cases, Rejuran skin injectables create a durable result that lasts for about six months. Moreover, it might be substantially prolonged by periodical touch-up treatments.


What Are the Similarities Between Profhilo and Rejuran?

Profhilo and Rejuran are in many ways similar. The main resemblances between these products include:

  • Both brands produce a wide range of solutions for injectable aesthetic procedures that effectively reduce fine lines, make sagging skin more elastic, and fight skin dryness;
  • Similar to Profhilo, Rejuran might address a great number of skin concerns;
  • Profhilo and Rejuran are injectable moisturizers that effectively fight dry skin;
  • The average duration of Profhilo and Rejuran results is roughly equal (depending on the patient’s unique skin properties, it might last up to six months);
  • Similar to Profhilo injections, the administration of Rejuran is minimally invasive and should be performed in a series of multiple micro-injections;
  • Both treatments play an active role when it comes to collagen synthesis. Therefore, they profoundly improve overall skin health;
  • Just like Profhilo, Rejuran is well-compatible with the numbing cream (it is usually applied by a healthcare provider before the procedure to reduce a patient’s feeling of pain or discomfort);
  • Neither Profhilo nor Rejuran belong to dermal fillers. Otherwise, they belong to the group of mesotherapy products that effectively fight wrinkled, dehydrated, and saggy skin;
  • And so on.

Worth Knowing: It is also necessary to mention that both Profhilo and Rejuran belong to anti-ageing products intended for professional use. In other words, only certified healthcare providers might administer them beneath a patient’s skin.

In other words, Profhilo and Rejuran are the best treatment solutions for ageing skin. They effectively improve skin elasticity, smoothness, and hydration. As well, they profoundly enhance skin barrier properties.

What Are the Differences Between Profhilo and Rejuran?

At the same time, however, there exist certain differences between Profhilo and Rejuran. Here is the list of the main ones:

  • One of the key dissimilarities between Profhilo and Rejuran is the fact that they are based on different active substances. Namely, Profhilo employs pure hyaluronic acid. While Rejuran, in its turn, is based on polynucleotide. Despite the fact that both substances are fully biocompatible, safe, and effective, they have absolutely different natures, properties, and working principles;
  • Rejuran primarily deals with the superficial layer of the skin. While Profhilo, in its turn, has an impact on multiple layers of the skin tissue;
  • Profhilo is usually administered within two procedures. While Rejuran, in its turn, requires three to four procedures to start working;
  • Unlike Rejuran, Profhilo might not be suitable for the activation of collagen production and overall rejuvenation of thinner skin;
  • The administration of Profhilo usually requires five strategic injections using the bio aesthetic points technique. While Rejuran, in its turn, demands multiple strategic injections with the help of an injection gun;
  • The main function of Profhilo is skin hydration. However, Rejuran does the best job when it comes to the treatment of open pores and depressed acne scars;
  • The downtime required by Rejuran is minimal and equals two days. At the same time, however, Profhilo does not require any downtime at all;
  • Profhilo is not indicated for the treatment of delicate areas, such as the nose, upper lip, or certain zones around the middle and lower face. While Rejuran, in its turn, might be applied to practically any area of the face and body (including the delicate periorbital zone to reduce dark eye circles;
  • And so on.

So, both Profhilo and Rejuran are great solutions for the treatment of a wide range of age-related skin conditions in a minimally invasive and long-lasting way. At the same time, however, they have a whole bunch of differences that are worth being considered.

How to Choose Between Profhilo and Rejuran?

The next logical question after the above-mentioned Rejuran vs. Profhilo comparison is how to choose between them. Well, the best option is to rely on a qualitative healthcare provider who will investigate the skin peculiarities of a patient and choose the most suitable treatment for you.

At the same time, however, here is the list of things that might make the choice between Profhilo and Rejuran easier:

  • If you have an allergy to hyaluronic acid (and, therefore, cannot undergo an injection of Profhilo), you might want to try out Rejuran to rejuvenate the skin;
  • You might also opt for Rejuran in case you have exceptionally thin and sensitive skin;
  • In case of not willing to undergo any downtime, the usage of Profhilo might be a more reasonable solution;
  • Choose Rejuran if your main aesthetic problems are large pores and acne skin. And vice versa, try out Profhilo if your primary concern is the dryness of the skin;
  • And so on.

Worth Knowing: The average price for a single syringe of Profhilo and Rejuran is roughly the same. However, it might vary depending on your geographical location. Thus, make sure to check it out while choosing between these two products.

A Bottom Line

To end this Rejuran vs. Profhilo comparison, it is necessary to mention that each of them is a safe, effective, and long-lasting skin booster of the highest quality. Therefore, we are sure that you will be satisfied no matter what product you choose!