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Most Popular Aesthetic Cosmetic Treatments Trends 2021

Standards and ideals of beauty have been changing throughout the whole history, but the introduction to the market of aesthetic treatments with dermal fillers has accelerated the changing of trends, and now in the sphere of beauty and cosmetology, we observe the appearance of new and new tendencies. The love of women and men to hyaluronic acid fillers can be justified by the remedies’ ability to rejuvenate the skin, eliminate the aging signs (who would mind looking younger, especially in the mature age!), and of course, improve aesthetic imperfections like thin lips, undefined cheekbones, unproportional chin, etc.

Basing on the people’s preferences and general mood of the aesthetic ‘fashion’ if we can call it that way, the beauticians choose and form the hottest and most in-demand trends in the aesthetics industry. So, what are the newest and trendiest beauty tendencies in 2021? Let us have a closer look at them in this article?

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What are the Most Popular Aesthetic Cosmetic Treatments Trends 2021?

Among the most popular non-surgical cosmetic intervention to improve appearance, many doctors single out the following:

  • under-eye fillers;
  • nose fillers;
  • cheek fillers;
  • lips fillers;
  • jaw fillers;
  • heart-shaped fillers.

It is worth mentioning that recently the industry observes a slight decrease in the interest in injectable treatment with hyaluronic acid and a transition to more natural results. It by no way means they have lost their interest in the procedure. It just means their expectations have changed. If something like five years ago or more we could observe dozens of girls with obviously plumped lips and cheekbones, highly raised eyebrows, and other alterations you do not need to be an expert to notice, now, patients prefer slight enhancements than drastic changes. It is better to be underdone than overdone. The less is definitely better.

The thurst for the natural appearance, young and healthy-looking skin, attractive, balanced, and defined features has shaped the following trends in dermal fillers cosmetic treatments in 2021.

Under-Eye Fillers

The area around the eyes is one of the most problematic. First of all, the skin there is the thinnest and the most sensitive, but still, very active, so fine lines are about to appear one of the first. Second, many patients complain about dark circles, eye bags, and sunken eyes. This can appear due to many reasons: aging, lack of sleep, genetics, sun damage, etc., but the treatment with some gentle and soft filler can improve many of these conditions.

One of the best choices may be Radiesse that does not add volume by itself but is perfect for boosting the inner collagen production, improving skin tones, and therefore, eliminating the facial lines under the eyes. One more reason why it is great for this area is that it is long-lasting and provides visible effects up to 15 months.

 Nose Fillers

A straight tiny nose is a dream for many people, and not everybody can boast of having one. With modern plastic surgery in the hands of experienced plastic surgeons, every dream can become a reality, but not everyone is ready to lay under the knife. So, recently, we observe the increasing tendency and interest in nose fillers as an alternative treatment to plastic surgery as the procedures with dermal fillers can straighten the nose just in several hours. Of course, the possibilities of the filler are limited compared to the work of a surgeon, but if there is a chance to eliminate the imperfection without surgery, many patients will choose it instead. And here are the reasons:

  • safety;
  • fast results;
  • minimal downtime;
  • minimal risks and side effects.

Cheek Fillers

Cheek injections are getting an increased demand, and there are many reasons for that. The first thing is the new trend for defined cheekbones. Women (and men too, of course) do not feel it is enough to highlight this area with blush and sculptor and use facial fillers to single it out. Another point is that injections of hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxide to the cheeks with an aim to add or restore the lost volume in the tissues make the face look much younger, so this is one of the basic ways for the facial overall rejuvenation.

The choice of the fillers for the cheeks should be determined by the softness of the filler, as this area is quite tender and movable, and we want to achieve a natural-looking result, so Juvederm Voluma and Restylane-Lyft are of the most famous and suitable gels, but you can look for another long-lasting alternative from other brands like Belotero, for example.

Lip Fillers

The trend for plump and defined lips confidently moves from one year to the next one, from one season to another, and I bet it is one of the forever living tendencies, as full lips will always be a symbol of beauty and sexuality. So, in 2021, lip augmentation is one of the hottest, popular, and in-demand trends. At the same time, it does not mean extra-large lips like in the 2000s. The result can be subtle and include just minor injections of hyaluronic acid to add some volume, define the contours, eliminate wrinkles, or hydrate. The ‘caring’ injections for the face and skin of this area as well are gaining more and more popularity. So many patients ask for the cosmetic procedure either with hyaluronic acid if they do want some increase in volume or calcium hydroxide if just hydration and restoration of the natural shape is the priority. In any case, healthy-looking and well-maintained lips are an undeniable trend of the year 2021.

Jaw Fillers

A strict, sharp, and well-defined jawline is making crazy thousands of men and women worldwide. The male patients struggle to look more masculine and brutal, while females want their faces to be slimmer. Indeed, a slightly protruded chin and well-defined and clear outline of a jawline makes the face look younger and slimmer. The correction for the male patients may be more drastic than the one for the women, and thus, denser fillers are required for these purposes to last longer in the dermal tissues. Many cosmetologists choose Restylane Lyft and Voluma to get a perfectly defined jawline for their customers. The market also offers other long-lasting alternatives for the jaw and chin, for example, from the Juvederm line Volbella, Voluma, etc.

Heart-Shaped Fillers

This is perhaps one of the freshest trends in aesthetic medicine that involves the alteration of the lower and upper face (if possible, of course). The treatment mainly involves the injections of HA into the chin, jawline, cheeks, temples, and sometimes, eyebrows to balance the facial features and overall shape of the face. Why do so many women choose this type of shape? Perhaps, the answer is that it looks romantic and feminine, reminds of youth. Of, the effect of the heart-shaped facial oval is not always possible to achieve, and the patient should understand it. So, when the doctor says it is not possible, it is better to accept the fact and look for some other ways to improve the appearance. Fortunately, modern aesthetic medicine offers dozens of procedures. Remember that naturalness is one of the most essential trends for many seasons in the row now.

Final Word

Popular Dermal Filler Trends for 2021

Everything changes and so does the world of aesthetic cosmetology and dermatology. What makes me happy is that naturalness becomes increasingly popular, and it has its impact on the trends in dermal fillers injectables. Many patients in their search for smoother skin and a more attractive appearance lose their uniqueness and identity. I am not here to judge anyone or express my opinion, I am just being happy that looking more like yourself just without wrinkles and sagging skin and other obtained with time and age imperfections becomes one of the primary aims of the filler treatments. In fact, most of the procedures are targeted at the improvement of the skin condition, skin care, and enhancing the person’s beauty. In any case, it is drastically important to find a board-certified dermatologist or cosmetologist to consult and perform the procedure, taking into account your preferences, age, skin types, way of life, habits, and so on for the best possible result.