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The aging process is a natural thing that is unavoidable; anyone will face it sooner or later. Because the skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the facial surface, the first visible aging signs occur there (they are called crow’s feet and are pretty standard among other skin imperfections). But don’t worry, there is always a way to boost the appearance, eliminate lines and creases, and enjoy youthful looks for a long time!

In today’s article, we would like to discuss Belotero fillers (Belotero Balance, in particular) and how they can perform in anti-aging treatments. Indeed, some of you have already heard about this incredible injectable; however, newcomers in the cosmetic beauty sphere will also be glad to learn more about dermal fillers’ remarkable abilities!

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Belotero Under Eyes. Working Principle and Definition

Before trying Belotero dermal filler treatment, it is better to understand what this product is and how exactly it can help people reach their desired looks and have noticeable rejuvenating effects. So, Belotero filler is a hyaluronic acid-based injectable meant for effective anti-aging procedures. Not only is it able to fill in hollow areas in the facial zone, but it also restores volume and boosts natural collagen in the body, too. In this way, customers may expect durable skin perfection (up to 12 months) and a glowing, younger-looking appearance that won’t be ignored by people around.

The working principle of Belotero hyaluronic acid fillers is relatively easy to understand; as HA is a substance naturally meant to retain moisture in the body, as well as let moisture molecules bond together, it is able to preserve volume in the face. As the filler is administered under the skin, it works pretty much the same: it attracts moisture molecules, stimulates natural collagen and elastin production, and guarantees effective skin rejuvenation and smoothed wrinkles.

Because of its volumizing abilities, Belotero can be used practically in any facial area if it is agreed to do so with a licensed medical professional. The procedure itself is quick and doesn’t cause severe discomfort, and a topical numbing cream is usually applied before the injection to get rid of annoying discomfort completely. So, in case you are an individual with sensitive skin, don’t worry; a doctor will take care of everything to make your first experience with Belotero out of this world!

Cosmetic Treatment for Various Purposes

With age, many important processes in the body slow down, and its effect can be noticeable on the skin. For example, speaking about the natural aging process, it is mainly caused by the slow down of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production. As follows, nasolabial folds, smile lines, and other fine lines occur on the dermis surface. That’s where Belotero and other dermal fillers become pretty useful. As different injectables are meant for different target zones and skin imperfections, an experienced specialist should help pick the best product, its dosage, as well as the number of sessions to reach desired aesthetic goals. Below, we’ll discuss the most common treatment zones for the Belotero filler brand.

Cheeks Area

Loss of definition in the cheeks is among the first aging signs people notice; the volume loss process begins, less definition in the cheekbones becomes more obvious, and the general change in the facial oval starts being visible due to the lack of skin firmness. As follows, if you restore lost volume by using a Belotero injectable filler, the problem of indefinite facial features will be left in the past.

Lip Area

The lips and perioral area, in general, are among the most expressive zones on the face; that’s the fact. That’s why such imperfections as marionette lines, smile lines, and smoker’s creases can be effectively reduced by adding more volume to the target zone. And Belotero, with its smooth texture, is a fantastic method to do this task.

Eye Area

Just like lips, the eye zone is one of the most expressive ones, so crow’s feet and other mimic lines mainly become noticeable after the age of 25. Belotero, as well as some other fillers, work perfectly well to make the dermis around the eyes plumper, firmer, and smoother. Using the correct technique and a fine needle for the administration process is crucial because the area around the eyes is incredibly sensitive and can be hurt pretty easily.

Main Benefits of Belotero Treatment Under Eyes

In case you doubt Belotero is the correct option for the under-eye treatment, let us disagree and prove that this filler is one of the most suitable options in the cosmetic beauty sphere. Below, we are going to provide you with the reasons to try Belotero and reach a glowing, youthful appearance with its help. And don’t forget, it is always possible to consult with a medical professional and ask all questions that bother you.

Natural-Looking Results

As hyaluronic acid is produced naturally in the body, HA-based fillers are 100% compatible with the organism and rarely cause severe adverse reactions. That’s also why Belotero guarantees fantastic effectiveness, and no one would even notice that you had an aesthetic treatment. And also, the possibility of the target zone going num is close to zero – your facial expressions won’t be affected at all.

Convenient Treatment

Belotero dermal fillers belong to non-invasive treatments for anti-aging purposes. The procedure itself lasts no longer than an hour, and it is possible to go back to the usual everyday routine right after the injection session. The downtime after this injectable is usually from a few hours and up to a day, so there is no need to worry that some plans should be canceled or days off at work should be taken. In order for minimal side effects to disappear faster, doctors recommend avoiding strenuous exercises, don’t take blood-thinning pills, and don’t visit overheating places after the procedure.

Long-Lasting Effect

Belotero dermal filler is able to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles for up to a year, and we believe it’s an excellent opportunity for those who don’t like the idea of surgery and want to improve looks without a severe post-treatment period. In order to make the injectable last longer, it is better to repeat the administration session once every six months; in this way, the gel would constantly be present under the skin.


Most patients have pretty reasonable expectations when it comes to Belotero dermal filler injection. However, if something goes wrong or a person doesn’t like the final result, it is always possible to reverse the effects. To do so, a special solution is injected into the previously treated zone. Just like that, the gel will be dialed back in a few days without any severe consequences.

Safety and Self-Esteem Boost

The Belotero Balance dermal filler used to restore volume is a 100% safe, FDA-approved injectable with only beneficial components in the composition. This product is able to get rid of frustrating aging signs that can be pretty harsh for one’s confidence, as well as boost collagen production in the body and improve the overall health condition by doing so. It has been proven that aesthetic treatments work great for people with a low level of self-esteem, help to boost their appearance, and demonstrate their beauty from a new perspective.

Possibility to Combine Belotero Filler with Other Treatments

Sometimes, just one filler is not enough to achieve desired aesthetic goals, so patients require a complex solution for their case. Luckily, Belotero Balance for the under-eye treatment can be easily combined with any other dermal filler for a better effect. Also, it shouldn’t be forgotten that different facial areas demand different solutions for a better rejuvenating effect, so don’t ignore this aspect and discuss it during the treatment with a medical professional.

Is Belotero Under-Eye Procedure a Nice Option for Me?

With age, skin loses and becomes duller; that’s the main reason why cosmetic procedures in the aesthetic medicine sphere have become so popular nowadays. However, in order to benefit from the treatment, it is crucial to know whether you are a target for it. Yes, it may be surprising, but not everyone can enjoy all the amazing abilities of Belotero most patients, but not everyone.

Three main characteristics define whether Belotero is suitable for a customer:

  • A patient is in good health. That means they are not sick, feverish, not in the acute stage of the chronic illness, etc. Moreover, the skin in the treated zone should be smooth and healthy as well, without damage or irritation;
  • The main goal is to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes. The thing is, many people falsely think that dermal filler injection is something like plastic surgery; therefore, it is able to change facial structure and shape and improve appearance dramatically. But that’s not true. Subcutaneous injections work great for aging signs elimination and skin rejuvenation; that’s their primary goal, and they cannot be used for other purposes;
  • All medical tests and examinations were conducted before the treatment. A consultation with a specialist is a must to determine whether Belotero filler is suitable and safe for an individual. That’s the rule that cannot be ignored to preserve one’s well-being.

The Final Word About Belotero for the Under-Eye Area

Belotero Balance belongs to the best fillers for the under-eye area rejuvenation; it’s smooth, not too dense, and is able to fill in even the tiniest creases. The procedure with this product is fast and easy, and patients can go back to their routines right after the injection session because, thanks to the composition of the filler, adverse reactions are typically minimal to none. The average durability of Belotero for the eye zone is 12 months, and the effect can be prolonged if a supporting administration session is conducted every 6 months. In order to know whether this product is suitable for a client, it is better to discuss all aesthetic goals with a medical professional to make sure the procedure will be safe and effective. That’s it for today’s article; thank you for tuning in!