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Practically every treatment in the aesthetic medicine sphere is aimed at skin rejuvenation and appearance improvement; people are searching for ways to achieve glowing, younger looks without the help of plastic surgeries and other – sometimes scary – procedures. That’s the exact reason why many options out there are now designed not only to eliminate already existing fine lines and wrinkles but to prevent deep lines in several facial areas as well.

In today’s article, we would like to discuss preventive Botox treatment – a perfect variant for skin aging prevention. By using it, patients may not only take advantage of improved skin conditions but also postpone the aging process for a pretty significant time. All benefits, as well as the most popular myths among newcomers in the aesthetic medicine sphere, are discussed below in the slightest details.

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Preventative Botox Makes You Look Older – Myth or Not?

Preventative Botox Makes You Look Older - Myth or Not

Like any other aesthetic treatments out there, Botox procedures have many myths built around them during recent years. Why? Because some of those who have never tried them like to come up with ridiculous thoughts and conclusions as an excuse to why haven’t they tried them yet (as if “I don’t want to” is not enough).

One of the most common myths about Botox wrinkle prevention is that it only makes facial aging and wrinkles occurrence faster in a person. But is this true? Before answering this question, let’s discuss what preventative Botox is and how it works a little more for your better understanding.

What is preventative Botox?

Botox preventive treatments are special procedures aimed at averting wrinkles caused by rich facial expressions in younger patients. Typically, it is used by people in their mid twenties or early thirties (that’s why this option is also called “baby Botox“). During the appointment, a small amount of Botox solution is administered under the skin and distributed carefully throughout all facial areas that have to be perfected (usually, 20-35 units are more than enough). The most common sites for these injectables are the forehead, crow’s feet, eye corners, and the zone between the eyebrows (glabella).

After some time, it becomes possible to “train” muscle movements by using Botox; they contract less and less with every procedure, and in this way, wrinkles appear not as often as they typically do. However, we should remind you that Botox works only for wrinkles prevention and mimic wrinkles elimination; it is impossible to get rid of deep creases and folds with its help (you should probably think about dermal fillers to deal with this type of aesthetic problem).

Can Botox injectable treatment make you age faster?

As we’ve already mentioned, some people claim that preventative Botox works well just at the beginning, and after some time, it makes muscles weaker and causes facial aging faster. This myth was created by those who clearly have never worked with botulinum-based injectables and are not aware of their working principle at all.

The only scenario when this may happen is if a patient gets too many units of Botox injected during numerous appointments in a clinic. That’s why a private consultation is a must before the injection session to calculate the right and safe dosage, as well as the number of treatment sessions needed to see a positive result.

So, if you were worried about a Botox cosmetic procedure because it may make lines on your face worse, you can calm down now. In any case, you are always welcome to visit a doctor’s office in a clinic and discuss all questions that bother you with a licensed professional in the beauty sphere.

Numerous Benefits of Botox for Wrinkles Prevention

Now, when we understand that faster skin aging caused by preventative Botox injections is just a myth, we would like to tell you more about all the outstanding benefits every patient can enjoy after the treatment. It is always better to think about those in advance to be sure you made the right choice regarding the treatment option.

Facial muscles relaxation

As the primary goal of every botulinum administration session is to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles caused by the rich facial expression, its main task is to block nerve signals and, in this way, stop muscles contractions that are typically the main reason of lines and creases. By starting Botox at an early age, it becomes possible to avoid this problem completely and not worry about prematurely aged skin.

Lines prevention and elimination

Before deep wrinkles develop on the dermis surface, they become visible as small lines and creases on the skin. They can be typically noticed on the forehead, in eye corners, and around the mouth (basically, in places where we have the richest facial expressions). With the help of botulinum toxin-based products, it becomes more possible to eliminate these visible signs of aging and guarantee younger-looking skin for a more significant amount of time.

Safety of the procedure

Preventative Botox procedures are not complicated and don’t cause severe adverse reactions. Moreover, they are completely safe, so people shouldn’t even worry about any conditions caused by this simple injection. In order to be 100% sure about whether this procedure is safe for your individual case, talk to a specialist to discuss your health peculiarities and treatment plan (if it’s present).

Skin tightening

As we’ve said, Botox can prevent wrinkles by eliminating muscle contractions in the facial area. But not many people are aware that this process happens because botulinum is latching onto the protein that causes these contractions. In this way, skin becomes smoother and softer, and a patient can enjoy tight skin for a long time without any complicated surgeries.

Simple procedure protocol

Many patients confuse botulinum toxin injections with invasive surgical procedures, so we would like to clear one thing out – preventative Botox treatments and plastic surgeries have nothing in common. Typically, a Botox injection session can be finished in 20-25 minutes, including the preparation part (cleaning and cleansing of the target area). Sometimes, a doctor can ask you to stay longer to tell more about aftercare tips and routines, as well as side effects and how to deal with them at home.

We would like to remind you that it is recommended to get in touch with a specialist if any severe side effects or painful sensations appear after the appointment. That’s very important for one’s well-being and health condition in general.

Lower price for the treatment

Starting Botox from a young age means that there won’t be a necessity to have appointments in the specialist’s office so often in the future. People who start using botulinum toxin in their mid twenties need fewer treatments than those who started too late and now should wait for already present mimic wrinkles to disappear properly. As a result, they require less product during the appointment, and the price also becomes lower (because it is typically based on the number of units needed to reach certain aesthetic goals in a person).

Can I try Preventative Botox Injections for My Aesthetic Goals?

The best thing about preventative Botox is that there are no strict rules considering this type of aesthetic procedure. There are a few recommendations, but the main decision – whether to try it for your skin – should be made only by the doctor after a careful examination in a clinic.

Nevertheless, what aspects are considered during the appointment?

  • The condition of your skin. If there are any damages, irritations, or infections on the target area, it is impossible to have a safe procedure. Wait for everything to heal properly and only then have the reduction of age-related imperfections;
  • Medications you are currently taking. Such medicines as vitamin E, aspirin, and other blood-thinning products can increase the chances of bruising and swelling after the injection. Specialists recommend stopping using it a week or two before the appointment and a few weeks after it. It is better to discuss the complete list of possibly dangerous remedies with an expert;
  • Present allergies in a person. If a patient is allergic to any ingredient present in the Botox injection, it is not allowed to use this product for skin rejuvenation. That’s one of the main reasons why consultation with a medical expert is so important before the product administration;
  • Patient’s health condition in general. In case individuals have problems with their health, the acute stage of chronic illnesses, or any other trouble, it is better to wait and recover fully before trying any type of aesthetic procedure.

It is recommended to discuss your goals with a beautician to make sure preventative Botox will be effective for you. And don’t forget to ask about possible adverse reactions to get detailed instructions of what to do if any of those suddenly occurred after the injection session. Typically, people notice slight swelling and redness in the target area, as well as insignificant bruising. Sometimes, increased skin tenderness may occur, too; however, there should be no worries because everything mentioned above is usually gone in a few days without any assistance from the medical specialist.

However, you can read how and how much Botox is needed for your forehead in our article How Many Units of Botox Are Needed for Forehead. Go and learn first about all the subtleties of use.

The Bottom Line

Botox for wrinkle prevention is an effective way to eliminate aging signs appearance and provide an individual with a glowing, younger-looking appearance. This treatment technique is completely safe and can only cause problems if a doctor who performs the procedure is inexperienced and doesn’t know who the remedy works.

Our team of experts recommends talking to a medical professional if there are any worries about whether to try this type of treatment for your skin. All your thoughts should be confirmed by a person who works in this sphere, so please, don’t make any conclusions just because of the article on the Internet. We hope our newest blog post was useful for you. Take care and look forward to our new, interesting articles soon!