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Everyone wants to remain young and avoid such negative effects of aging as severe wrinkles and lines, right? Moreover, there is no doubt that you might want to look for an efficient and well-established treatment of health conditions characterized by muscle and nerve problems in case of suffering from them. Well, the toxin can help you by a lot in prolonging your ‘youth’ and treating muscle contractions, especially when it comes to Xeomin, which is a new toxin of botulinum version.

Check this article and get to know the details in regard to this innovative medical preparation. Find answers to questions like: What is Xeomin? How is it used? Is it the same as Botox? How long will you need to wait for Xeomin to take effect? And, finally, does it have any aftereffects and, if it does, how long do they last?

What Is Xeomin?


Firstly, let’s figure out what exactly Xeomin is. It is a medicament that has a high-quality botulinum toxin as its only ingredient and is used for a couple of purposes in both medicine and aesthetic medicine.

Sometimes referred to as a new botulinum toxin type A or botulinum neurotoxin type A, Xeomin serves as an effective treatment for severe forehead wrinkles, autonomic nerve terminal overactivity, and such medical contractions as cervical dystonia or spasmodic torticollis.

Xeomin was made by a German pharmaceutical company called Merz in 2005. Since that time, it became widely spread across Europe, Latin America, Canada, and the US. Nowadays, Xeomin is recognized by good clinical practice and used as a continuous treatment via an application of current botulinum toxin all around the world.

Is Xeomin Botulinum Toxin Type A?

Now, let’s figure out what type of toxin Xeomin contains. Well, the answer to this question is pretty straightforward, as Xeomin consists of only one ingredient, namely the toxin of botulinum type A. If to be more precise, the medical name of this innovative and new botulinum toxin type A sounds like ‘incobotulinumtoxinA,’ where the last letter alludes to the fact that it is an A-type medicament.

A side note: Type A botulinum toxin, being the only ingredient of Xeomin and one of the main ingredients of other medicaments like Botox and Dysport, is often applied in cosmetic treatment. Whereas type B, in its turn, is applied to the treatment of cervical dystonia, as well as numerous other muscle or nerve disorders.

How Does Xeomin Botulinum Toxin Therapy Look Like?

So, how is Xeomin used? The procedure is quite simple and is realized via botulinum toxin injection.

The doctor starts the therapy by injecting the necessary dose of Xeomin under the needed area of your skin. When injected directly into your body, the preparation then spreads and starts to block the muscle movement in that particular area via local neuromuscular cholinergic transmission. This weakening of muscle movements via injections of the toxin eventually leads to their relaxation and, thus, redundancy of wrinkles and spasms. The effect is expected to improve and become even better with every new injection cycle.

Is Botulinum Toxin Xeomin the Same as Botox?

Despite the fact that Xeomin, as well as Botox, is based on botulinum toxins type A, they are not the same. Here are the main differences between these two medical preparations:

1. Xeomin is the so-called ‘pure’ neurotoxin. It means that it consists of only botulinum toxin type A, and nothing more. Botox, in its turn, has a certain amount of protein load in it. Animal experiments have shown that the pure structure of Xeomin makes it a medical preparation solely responsible for therapeutic treatment without neutralizing antibody induction. On contrary, the protein in Botox might make you exhibit immunostimulating activity that could eventually lead to therapy failure or other negative therapeutic consequences.

Keep in mind: In order to reassure yourself of the purity of Xeomin, buy it from trusted suppliers only. This way, you will be sure that the medical preparation you are using is of the highest quality and has been properly stored before your purchase.

2. Before the first usage, you might keep your Xeomin at room temperatures, in the fridge, or in the freezer, while Botox has to be kept in the fridge exclusively. This fact makes Xeomin more convenient in terms of the way it’s stored.

In general, a cross-sectional study of pharmacological actions has shown that Xeomin and Botox are not identical but pretty similar. That’s why you can always replace Botox with Xeomin just in case you have experienced an antibody formation when using Botox. To figure out whether your body has developed such an immune response, you could simply allow your doctor to take a couple of blood samples.

You may also find our article Botox for Bladder Overactivity helpful. Go ahead and learn more about Botox.

How Long Does It Take for Xeomin to Take Effect?

When continuing to compare Xeomin to other medical preparations of similar effect, it’s essential to take a time frame within which a patient will be able to see a therapeutic effect of the treatment into account.

In this respect, Xeomin is probably ‘the slowest player in the league,’ as you might need a couple of days (usually from 5 to 10) to observe the first changes caused by botulinum toxins. Botox, for example, will bring you the first results a little bit earlier (within 3 days after the therapy).

How Long Do Xeomin Side Effects Last?

As with any other medical preparation which is based on an effective but at the same time dangerous botulinum toxin serotypes, Xeomin might lead to any of the following side effects:

  • general tiredness that might be causing a focal weakness;
  • headache;
  • skin’s redness around the shot area;
  • early reduction in the efficiency of the procedure;
  • etc.

As well, higher doses of Xeomin or a very long-term treatment might even cause an allergic reaction in some individual cases.

However, Xeomin’s aftereffects are pretty scarce. For example, retrospective analysis has shown few to no cases of a subsequent secondary treatment failure within an entire cohort of Xeomin patients because of their severe body reactions to the medical preparation.

As well, the side effects of Xeomin should disappear within a couple of hours after the shot of the toxin.

An important note: Just in case you have noticed any of Xeomin’s side effects, contact a doctor who did an injection for you immediately.

A Takeaway Message

Hopefully, this article answered most of the questions you might have had about Xeomin. Therefore, now you know a lot about the peculiarities, advantages, and drawbacks of ‘naked’ botulinum toxin injections. Thus, make the acquired information work for you: Choose the most appropriate way to fight muscle and skin conditions and reveal your beauty with Xeomin!