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Cytocare 502
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The skin gets a fresh, rested appearance, begins to shine from the inside, gets rid of hypersensitivity. Cytocare 502 – skin youth all year round.

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Category: Mesotherapy

Brand: Cytocare

Manufacturer: Revitacare Laboratories

Country of Origin: France

Volume: 5 ml

Active Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid

HA Concentration: 2 mg/ml

Lidocaine: No

Application Areas: Facial oval, neck, hands

Dermal Layers: Mesoderm (superficial dermis, middle dermis)

Duration of Effect: 4 months

Package: Ten 5 ml flacons

Needles: Microneedles

Cytocare is one of the most popular brands in the field of aesthetic medicine. While being manufactured in France by Revitacare Laboratories, it produces safe, effective, and long-lasting solutions that ensure the attractive and youthful appearance of people all around the world.

Below, you will find detailed information on Cytocare 502, an innovative skin revitalizing complex with rich composition of the highest quality. So, how about checking out the basic information, indications, contraindications, side effects, and other peculiarities of the product right away?

On a side note: Apart from Cytocare 502, the brand’s product line contains several effective solutions of different intensities that ensure high hydration of patients’ skin cells, such as Cytocare 516, Cytocare 532, Cytocare C Line, Cytocare S Line, and so on.

Basic Information

Cytocare 502 is an injectable solution with a wide range of aesthetic purposes. It is primarily based on a highly-concentrated non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid (strength 2 mg/ml). Moreover, the composition of the product is enriched with the following active ingredients:

  • A multivitamin complex (strength 2 mg) which, in its turn, includes retinol, thiamin, ascorbic acid, folic acid, and so on;

  • A complex of inorganic salts, such as sodium chloride, potassium chloride, choline chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium pantothenate, sodium acetate, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate,nickel chloride, sodium pyruvate, tin chloride, iron sulfate, copper sulfate, sodium selenite, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium metasilicate, and so on;

  • A complex of essential amino acids, for instance, ammonium metavanadate, lipoic acid, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, and so on;

  • And a great number of other skin nutrients and trace elements.

Such a powerful combination of high-quality components creates an efficient cosmetic treatment that profoundly enhances and rejuvenates a patient’s skin.

On a side note: There is no prefilled lidocaine in the composition of Cytocare 502. Still, a medical professional might reduce a patient’s level of discomfort during the procedure by means of applying a topical anesthetic to the intended area of the treatment.

According to its treatment protocol, a rejuvenating complex of Cytocare 502 should be administered into either the superficial or medium dermis of the skin in a series of two to four micro-injections with a four-week interval between them. The procedure should be performed exclusively by a licensed healthcare practitioner.

The above-mentioned treatment creates a more attractive and younger skin for a time period that equals four months. However, the exact duration of the result after a series of Cytocare 502 injections strongly depends on such individual peculiarities of a patient as their current health condition, skin type, age, and lifestyle.

On a side note: The result of the treatment might be substantially prolonged by periodical touch-up procedures. On top of that, the avoidance of direct sun exposure, excessive heat, and heavy makeup for at least 48 hours after the treatment might also make its result last longer.


Cytocare 502 is indicated for patients with dull, sagging, and dry skin that has lost its attractive appearance due to the aging process. Namely, the product might be used to:

  • Moisturize the dehydrated skin;

  • Tighten the sagging skin and make it more elastic;

  • Provide the skin with a youthful glow;

  • Help the skin generate new skin cells;

  • Produce new blood vessels;

  • Improve cellular respiration, antioxidant activity, and protection of the skin;

  • Restore the epidermal barrier and internal environment of the skin;

  • Reduce the appearance of folds, fine lines, and wrinkles;

  • And so on.

It is essential to mention that Cytocare 502 is a dermal filler that might be injected into the following areas:

  • Facial oval (including perioral and periorbital areas);

  • Neck;

  • Hands;

  • And so on.

On a side note: Unlike young skin, aging skin tends to lose its elasticity and moisture, which eventually leads to its appearance becoming not that attractive. Luckily, periodical injections of such nutritious complexes as Cytocare 502 can reverse these changes and, therefore, create the rejuvenated and rested appearance of skin tissues.


While being a resorbable implant composed of high-quality ingredients, Cytocare 502 is a product of exceptional microbiological safety. However, not each and every patient is a good candidate for its injection.

Namely, the product should not be administered under one of the following contraindications:

  • If a patient is premature;

  • If a patient is pregnant or breastfeeding;

  • If a patient is allergic to any component in the composition of the treatment (for instance, hyaluronic acid);

  • If a patient has a skin infection around the intended area of the treatment;

  • If a patient suffers from a serious disease, such as poor blood clotting, untreated epilepsy, or diabetes;

  • If a patient undergoes any incompatible treatment or takes any incompatible medications;

  • And so on.

On a side note: A patient might also have other contraindications to the injection of the product. Therefore, it is of vital importance for a healthcare professional to investigate the current health condition of a patient before the procedure and make sure that it is safe in each individual case.

Possible Side Effects

Under normal circumstances, Cytocare 502 creates attractive and youthful skin without causing any adverse reactions. At the same time, however, some patients experience the following side effects after the treatment:

  • Pain or discomfort around the injection site;

  • Mild swelling, redness, itching, and other signs of skin irritation at the area of the treatment;

  • Bruising;

  • And so on.

Luckily, these symptoms tend to disappear on their own within a couple of days after the procedure. Namely, they do not usually require any medical supervision or help.

On a side note: If a patient experiences any unexpected symptoms after the injection of Cytocare 502, it is recommended to contact a healthcare provider as soon as possible.

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P.S. Cytocare 502 belongs to products intended for professional use. Thus, only licensed medical professionals are eligible to buy it online.

Cytocare 502 reviews:

Matthew M.

Excellent, 10/10, great product

Dr. Castro

A perfect option for aesthetic professionals, I’m 100% satisfied with this product. I can definitely recommend it, at least as an experiment. Thanks for the quick delivery!

Darice S.

Mesotherapy is indeed a fabulous procedure. With its help, it is possible to deal with so many problems! And if the remedy you use is of high quality, the effect will be even more amazing. So yeah, I like Cytocare a lot because of its qualities. And I recommend trying it to all my fellow colleagues.

Norm Pfaff

I have ordered this new product to try it out. The parcel has arrived fast, within four days, no delays. Everything was securely packed, so no damages. I have monitored the Internet for the prices at the other stores – filler supplies provides one of the best and with free delivery. I liked that. Will order from them again. Thanks!

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