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Pluryal Booster 1ml
$ 49
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Preparations for contouring and biorevitalization Pluryal Injectables were developed by MD Skin Solutions (Luxembourg) according to the exclusive production concept P.R.E.M.I.U.M. Each Pluryal filler is designed for different facial areas.

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Category: Mesotherapy

Brand: Pluryal

Manufacturer: MD Skin Solutions

Country of Origin: Luxembourg

Volume: 1 ml

Active Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid

HA Concentration: 18 mg/ml

Lidocaine: No

Application Areas: Face, neck, chest, decolletage, hands

Dermal Layers: Superficial dermis, middle dermis, deep dermis

Duration of Effect: Up to 4 months

Package: 1 prefilled syringe

Needles: Microneedles

Pluryal is a famous brand of aesthetic products that are manufactured in Luxembourg by MD Skin Solutions. It produces a wide range of high-quality cosmetic injectables that effectively rejuvenate and enhance a patient’s skin.

One of the most popular solutions in the brand’s range is Pluryal Booster 1ml. Let us take a closer look at the basic information, indications, contraindications, possible side effects, and other peculiarities of the product.

Before we start: The Pluryal family consists of two main product lines, namely a Mesoline and a line of Injectables. Each of them includes a number of Pluryal products with their own aesthetic indications and properties, such as Pluryal Meso, Pluryal Volume, or Pluryal Classic.

Basic Information

As its name suggests, Pluryal Booster 1ml is a skin booster that aims to rejuvenate and enhance the overall appearance of the skin. It helps a patient to maintain a youthful appearance for a substantial time period.

The compositionof Pluryal Booster features purified hyaluronic acid of non-bacterial origin with a concentration of 18 mg/ml. It functions as the main active substance of the product. The safe and efficient cross-linked hyaluronic acid content of the product is created with the help of BDDE.

On a side note: As a patient’s skin ages, it gradually loses the amount of naturally-produced collagen. Luckily, the administration of a body or facial filler based on calcium hydroxylapatite, poly-L-lactic acid, or hyaluronic acid might profoundly restore it and, as a result, erase fine lines, folds, and wrinkles instantly.

Another essential ingredient in the composition of the product is glycerol (this natural compound works as an effective protector of the skin from the effects of the aging process). At the same time, however, Pluryal Booster’s unique formula does not contain prefilled lidocaine or any other appropriate pain-relieving medication. On a patient’s demand, a healthcare provider might apply a topical anesthetic to the intended treatment area to decrease the level of discomfort that might be felt while injecting hyaluronic acid beneath a patient’s skin.

The administration of Pluryal Booster belongs to skin surface treatments. Therefore, it should be injected into the superficial, middle, or deep dermis of a patient’s skin with the help of microneedles.

The treatment protocol of Pluryal Booster suggests that a product should be injected in a series of three to four treatments with a three-week interval between each of them. The procedure should be done exclusively by a certified healthcare provider who is well aware of the proper injection techniques and might provide a patient with a smooth injection process.

Under normal circumstances, the above-mentioned treatment course ensures a patient with a durable result that lasts up to four months. However, its exact duration strongly depends on the current health condition, skin type, age, and individual lifestyle factors of each person. Moreover, this result might be substantially prolonged by further treatment based on periodical touch-up injections.


Pluryal Booster’s unique formulation features non-animal hyaluronic acid that is indicated to treat dull, dehydrated, and sagging skin with enlarged pores that has lost the natural glow, moisture, and elasticity as a result of the aging process.

In other words, the product belongs to the category of innovative anti-aging treatments primarily used to:

  • Provide the skin with a youthful glow and natural radiance;

  • Restore hydration of skin tissues;

  • Tighten the sagging skin;

  • Improve facial contours;

  • Enhance the overall skin tone;

  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles;

  • And so on.

The primary goal of the product is to provide a patient with attractive younger-looking skin. Thus, it effectively repairs dehydrated skin cells by means of ensuring their deep hydration, creates an attractive glow, eliminates large pores, and reduces visible signs of skin aging.

During the injection of Pluryal Booster, the hyaluronic acid works as a useful substance to achieve healthy skin in the following application areas:

  • Face;

  • Neck;

  • Chest;

  • Decolletage;

  • Hands;

  • And so on.


Despite its exceptional safety, not each and every patient is a good candidate to inject Pluryal Booster. Namely, the administration of the product is contraindicated under one of the following circumstances:

  • If a patient is hypersensitive or allergic to any component of a dermal filler;

  • If a patient is pregnant or breastfeeding;

  • If a patient suffers from a chronic vascular disease, cardiac disease, or autoimmune disease;

  • If a patient has diseased skin with an active inflammation around the injection site or any other active skin pathology;

  • If a patient is currently taking any incompatible medications (for instance, blood thinners);

  • If a patient is currently undergoing any incompatible treatments (such as laser treatment);

  • And so on.

On a side note: Other things that are preferable to be avoided both before and after the administration of the product are direct sun exposure, extreme temperatures, and other external factors potentially damaging to skin tissues.

Possible Side Effects

Pluryal Booster does not tend to cause any serious complications. In other words, this hyaluronic acid dermal filler helps to eliminate the skin’s fine creases without any adverse reactions.

At the same time, however, some patients claim to experience the following minor injection-related reactions:

  • Swelling;

  • Excess bruising;

  • Redness;

  • Itching;

  • Tenderness of the skin around the injection site;

  • Temporary pain (it might be substantially reduced if you gently massage the area of the treatment or apply a pack of ice to it);

  • And so on.

On a side note: Among the most typical adverse reactions after the administration of the product are allergy, haematomas, oedema, hypersensitivity, and mild pain.

Luckily, these side effects tend to disappear on their own in a couple of days after the initial injection process. In most cases, they do not require any medical help. However, a patient should contact a healthcare provider as soon as possible in case of having any unexpected symptoms after injecting Pluryal Booster.

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Pluryal Booster 1ml reviews:

Amoura P.

Pretty decent but not impressive. An average good product for skin revitalization.

Indiana Allan

I am not a huge fan of the Pluryal brand. This one, however, is pretty cool!

Nadia Morgan

4 out of 5.

Lynne Gretchen

It’s a really nice filler for a very affordable price. So, I am a bit upset that it is not in stock for so long!!! Hopefully, you will return it to your website.

Rosa Tucker

Amazing, I love it!

Aysel Shon

A great solution for wrinkles elimination and skin hydration. I’ve never tried this Pluryal product, but I am a big fan of the brand itself, so I decided that it’s time to experiment a little bit. And the experiment was successful, I will definitely buy Pluryal Booster again because I loved the way this product works! Thank you Beauty Dermal, I always know that I’ll get a first-class service with you.

Doctor Sergio L.

This is an amazing solution for dry skin, one of the best I’ve tried so far, to be honest. And I’m very happy with my experience here, I will definitely order here again. And thank you so much to the nice sales manager who was always available whenever I had any questions. That’s very professional of you!

Brenda Adams

A great option for eliminating mimic wrinkles and small skin imperfections. It is also a nice moisturizer for dry skin, so the number of benefits here is practically endless. I love it!

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