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Intraline PDO Threads COG DIMENSION 360 Cannula C19100-C-19g 100mm/140mm
$ 399
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Intraline PDO Threads COG DIMENSION 360 Cannula C19100-C-19g 100mm/140mm reviews:

Mateo E.

I didn’t think I would like this product so much. Excellent threads for non-surgical face lifting.

Dana Copeland

Nice threads, the procedure with them is fast and non-problematic. The worse that can happen is swelling and bruising, but it’s totally natural

Clarence L.

Facelifting is so easy when I use Intraline, it’s actually the best option among everything I’ve tried. The prices at BeautyDermal are pretty affordable as well. Very happy with everything.

D. Jones

I have no complaints, Intraline is a nice brand.

Joanne Paris

Amazing alternative for surgical facial lifting. Easy, effective, safe. I like and recommend it!

Amella Haynes

Cosmetic threads work great for those patients who for some reason cannot use injectable fillers for skin rejuvenation. Intraline is a great brand, I can talk about its benefits literally for hours!


Intraline threads are the best threads I’ve ever tried! This procedure may seem strange for people who have never heard about it, but believe me – the effectiveness and youthful, glowing looks are outstanding after it!

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