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Are you sure you always buy authentic high-quality medications online? The possibility to buy things on the Internet has made the process of purchasing much easier, faster, and more beneficial. However, the scammers? abilities to chit and sell fakes have extremely grown as well as you are not able to see the product you are buying until you receive it. This is especially crucial when we talk about drugs, dermal fillers, and botulinum products like Botox. If you buy a fake poor quality product, it may cause considerable harm to the patients? appearance, health, and even life. Let?s consider the points about the online supplier you can check before placing an order to save your money and reputation.

1. Get in touch

Scammers with their fraud websites are rarely likely to indicate the relevant contact information like telephone number, email address, and social media accounts. Customer service is not about them. All they care about is to rip you off. Even if you see contact information on the website, do not take it for granted. Before placing an order, dial the number or send an email, and if you are satisfied with an answer, go ahead and conduct a purchase.

2. Look for product identification

Manufacturers make great efforts to protect their medications, and one of them is the product identification code. This is a unique combination of letters, numbers, and/or special symbols that will help the customer track information about the authenticity of the product. As a rule, by entering the code at the manufacturer?s website, you will find such info as production batch number, production and expiration dates, etc. It is not secret, and per your request, the sales representative should provide it for you. If the company refuses or finds excuses to do not do that, make corresponding conclusions.

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3. Location is important

Even the company that operates business just online should have a physical address with at least sales managers and a warehouse. A legitimate company would provide this information on its website or social media accounts so that customers could always check it out. If you cannot find any physical address, this page is more likely a fraud.

4. Compare prices

Too good to be true? In the conditions of intense competition on the market, many companies try to beat each other by providing better prices: promos, discounts, loyal customer programs, etc.  This is the usual practice. However, every company wants to make a profit, so if the price is considerably lower than the average on the market, this is suspicious. Monitor the prices, check different suppliers and compare. Authentic dermal fillers and botulinum products cannot be too cheap. Remember that the price reflects the quality. And here we are talking about the appearance, health, and life of patients.

5.  Social media

Nowadays, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are very important for modern business development. That is why many companies have active social media accounts to promote their products and interact with the clients. If the company is not registered anywhere or the account is new with a small number of followers, posts, and low activity, or you see a big amount of recent posts, this is a hint for fraud.

6. Special features

Manufacturers know about the problem of fakes and try to fight it: holograms, verification codes, etc. However, there are also a lot of minor details that could signal the fact the product is not authentic as very often the fakes look alike but are not the same: different shades of colors, font sizes and styles, mistakes in spelling, and so on. Unfortunately, you won?t be able to check the packaging of the product before you order it, but if the deal is beneficial, and you want to check out the company, you can buy just one pack of dermal fillers or Botox and carefully compare the package with the authentic one.

7. Social proof

We are living in a digitalized era when everything can be checked online. There are so many services and forums where you can check out other customers? experiences with literarily any service present online. Most of the companies want to build a trustworthy and reliable reputation on the space of the Internet, encouraging the buyers to leave feedback on the platforms like Trust Pilot and so on. If you see predominantly negative reviews or no reviews at all, it can imply the company is too young, or it is a scam.

8. Reviews

 The same as with external sources, the company is very likely to encourage the customers to leave reviews under the products they bought. It helps to prove to other potential buyers that the company is reliable and provides quality products. Sometimes, the scammers may not have reviews at all, or they may be suspicious. How to distinguish? Fake reviews are mainly just extremely positive, and if there are a lot of comments and not even one with a negative attitude (what is impossible as there are always people unsatisfied with something), or all of them seem alike as if were written by the same person, it is better to avoid purchasing from this website.


Buying online is beneficial as it saves your time and money. The trick is to find a reliable supplier that provides high-quality products because the patients? health is always the basic priority. If you follow the advice provided above, you have all chances to avoid scammers and find real professionals who value their reputation and name on the market.

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