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Every woman who has undergone injection cosmetology procedures must have come across the JUVEDERM preparation. After all, this is the most popular product which has been used for contour plasty for many years. It is notable for high effectiveness, perfect safety, low cost and ease of use. But to make a final decision in its favor, it is necessary to get to know the properties of this product in more detail.

About the Reliability of the Manufacturer

The manufacturer of Juvederm fillers is Allergan. The company?s head office is located in the United States of America (Irvine, California). The company acts as a major supplier of cosmetic preparations to other markets, providing them with a wide range of high-quality professional products.

The substances represented in the manufacturer?s range of goods are widely used not only in cosmetology, but also in dermatology, neurology, ophthalmology and plastic surgery. The company positions itself and has gained fame as a manufacturer of high-quality products. Therefore, various centers for medicine and cosmetology cooperate with it successfully, permanently and fruitfully. One of them is our store where you can buy Juvederm online.

The Composition of the Preparation

The Juvederm product made by Allergan has managed to show itself to the best advantage, just like its manufacturer. The filler contains substances naturally produced by a human body. Therefore, side effects do not occur. Hyaluronic acid is used as the product base

Indications for Use

The preparation is used for lip augmentation, to fill in wrinkles of different depths, to eliminate crow?s feet, to give volume to the cheeks, to perform contour plasty and to correct the shape of the face.

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Contraindications and Restrictions

Before using the preparation, it is necessary to make certain that a person has no contraindications, because they can not only complicate the procedure, but also cause undesirable side effects. They are as follows:

  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • severe somatic symptom disorders;
  • acute conditions of chronic diseases;
  • local inflammation;
  • dermatological diseases in the injection area;
  • problems with the functioning of the immune system;
  • tendency to have allergic reactions;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • the likelihood of scar formation;
  • previous introduction of another gel into the injection area;
  • infectious diseases;
  • face polish done less than a month before the procedure.

In other cases, prior to the procedure, it is recommended to consult a competent doctor who will tell you in which cases the procedure can be carried out, and in what situations people should choose to refrain from it.

Probable Complications

The most common side effects that can occur after the fillers are injected under the skin have an extensive classification. Conventionally, they can be divided into the following groups:

  • according to the period during which they arise, these are instantaneous and delayed reactions;
  • according to aesthetic degree of importance, preparations can provoke the occurrence of local and general reactions;
  • by reason of side effects, it is possible to distinguish reactions in the injection area because of improper introduction of the substance, allergic effects and problems of a vascular nature.

Instantaneous reactions become evident from several days to a couple of weeks after the procedure. They are represented by the following complications:

  • If we talk about problems that occur at the injection site, we can single out tumorous processes, hyperemia, bruises and edema, pain, swelling, infectious processes, itching.
  • If we talk about allergic reactions, we can single out inflammatory reactions and the formation of large nodules.
  • At the same time, bump formation is common in patients because of the irrational distribution of the drug under the skin, necrosis of tissue structures, embolism.

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Along with instantaneous reactions, there are often delayed processes that occur from several weeks to several years after the procedure. Their list is as follows:

  • granulomatous inflammatory processes;
  • inflamed and non-inflamed nodules;
  • asymmetry of the face;
  • scarring, cicatrices.

To avoid such reactions or to minimize their occurrence, it is necessary to take precautions and take into account contraindications. People who want to undergo such a procedure should contact a specialized clinic, where there are experienced doctors who use proven advanced equipment.