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Botox vs. Dysport – this dispute between aesthetic medicine professionals has lasted for years now, and most people would agree that it doesn’t even make sense. Even though both injectables contain the same active substance in their composition, the target audience, problems solved with these remedies, and other factors vary, so it makes literally no sense.

However, it is still important to understand the main differences between two products with a similar mechanism of action. That’s why we prepared this article for you today. Continue reading, and find out more essential info about Disport and Botox.

Both injectables may be purchased in Beauty Dermal, in case you are looking for a place to buy those. Contact our customer support team to place an order or ask for more detailed information. 

Main Features of Botulinum Toxin Type A Injectables

Even though Botox and Dysport are similar in the way they work, they still have some significant differences specialists should be aware of to achieve desired aesthetic results. Both products are facial muscles relaxants, which means they are mainly used to prevent aging signs occurrence (unlike dermal fillers, which main task is to get rid of already existing lines and wrinkles).

First, let’s have a closer look at the main characteristics of the two brands to know what exactly we are working with.



Botox injections – special products with botulinum type A in the composition as the main active ingredient. Its main goal is to stop muscle spasms and, in this way, pause the appearance of aging signs (also known as expression wrinkles). The solution blocks nerve signals sent to the muscles successfully; in this way, those can relax and stop contracting. This product is mainly used in the United States.



Dysport is an injection with the same basic component as Botox; however, the amount of botulinum in its composition is less, so it can be used for more facial areas to solve a great variety of aesthetic problems. It is also meant for dynamic wrinkles prevention and is well-known among experts in the cosmetic world. Europian experts typically prefer Dysport over Botox.

Botox vs. Dysport for Facial Rejuvenation. Comparison

Botox and Dysport are both meant to provide an individual with a more natural appearance, and they are pretty similar in their basic characteristics. However, many factors can still be different, and it is crucial to understand and remember those to avoid unfortunate complications after the treatment. Now, let’s have a closer look at the main dissimilarities between Dysport and Botox and discuss those in more detail.


This aspect is, actually, the main difference between the two discussed products. As Dysport is a more diluted substance, specialists usually need more units of it to conduct the procedure successfully. In this way, it spreads out under the ski more effectively, so the number of possible target areas is wider. Botox, on the other hand, stays more concentrated in the place of choice. By the way, Dysport costs less than Botox, so it is more affordable for beauty clinics and centers as well.

Target Areas

Generally speaking, both injectables have pretty similar characteristics so that they can be used at the same facial zones. We are talking about such spots as fine lines around the nose and mouth, crow’s feet, glabellar lines, wrinkles under the upper cheek, and so on. The only exception here is forehead lines; this treated area may only be improved with the help of Dysport because this product is able to spread out well under the skin.

Perfect Candidate for the Procedure

Dysport and Botox wrinkle treatments are well-known as effective ways to prevent aging-signs appearance in people. If you are an adult who wants to stop (or suffers from) moderate to severe folds and creases, you may discuss the possibility of the rejuvenating procedure with the help of these two injectables with a medical professional. Only after a proper appointment and detailed discussion of one’s health condition, it would be possible to start the treatment.

Who cannot choose botulinum toxin-based injections?

  • People with increased sensitivity to products’ components;
  • Pregnant women, or those who are currently breastfeeding;
  • Those older than 65 years of age;
  • Patients with current skin irritations, damages, or inflammations.

Side Effects

As two products with similar mechanisms of work, Dysport and Botox injectables may lead to the same adverse reaction and side effects. First, of course, you should be aware of injection site reactions. We are talking about the following symptoms: high skin sensitivity in the area of administration, swelling, redness, bruising in the zones of needles punctures, irritations, and so on. People may also experience headaches and nausea.

In case such symptoms as trouble breathing and swallowing (first signs of allergic reaction), fatigue, loss of consciousness occur, it is crucial to contact a medical professional and get a consultation considering what to do to avoid serious health complications.


Even though both products have equally effective final results, there are some nuances considering final results you should be aware of. When Dysport only needs a few days to start working and show the positive effect, Botox requires a week or sometimes even a month to see the full rejuvenating effect and pause in muscle movement.

Speaking about products’ durability, Dysport works for up to four months in the body, and an additional injection is needed after three months to preserve the result. Botox, on the other hand, keeps working for up to half a year and may be reinjected after this time period. Most patients choose to have an additional appointment after approximately five months.

The Bottom Line

As we have already mentioned, it is impossible to decide which product will win the battle of favorites – Botox or Dysport. Both products are equally effective and high-quality, so the decision should be made only according to the client’s needs and aesthetic goals.

Hopefully, in this article, we managed to explain the difference a little better to you. As always, our team of professionals is always here for you in case you are looking for answers on this topic. A kindly reminder that both Dysport and Botox are available on Beauty Dermal, so mind that in case you are a beauty professional who’s currently looking for a supplier. Thank you for reading!