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Fillers are not always about adding volume and changing facial features. Many people hesitate about cosmetic injections, as they are against any noticeable intrusions into their natural beauty but still are not going to put up with aging changes, wrinkles, loss of turgor, and tone. It looks like Profhilo is a wonderful resolution in this case. Let us consider what is Profhilo treatment, what it can do for your skin, and how it is different from the traditional dermal fillers.

Characteristics of Profhilo

It is an Italian innovative dermal injectable drug that consists of hyaluronic acid (HA) of non-organic origin. Its main advantage is that it contains eight times more of hyaluronic acid than a regular dermal filler all of us used to. There are no additional ingredients that make the filler perfectly combinable with the skin tissues, does not cause allergies, body rejection, or severe side effects (if it was administered correctly).

The distinction between Profhilo and other dermal fillers

As well as many known types of dermal fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Saypha, Filorga, etc.), Profhilo consists of synthetic hyaluronic acid. So, what is the difference, you may ask? The key point is that HA in Profhilo treatment is of two different kinds: low and high molecular weight in equal proportions. This is a unique hybrid technology developed and patented by IBSA scientists.

What does it give? The low molecular hyaluronic acid is responsible for the hydration of the skin tissues, while the high molecular one works on the deeper levels, boosting the inner processes of collagen and elastin production, improving the blood circulation, lifting the contours, and brightening the complexion.

What result can I get with Profhilo?

Unlike traditional fillers, Profhilo is recommended for aging patients who suffer from the lack of volume, loss of elasticity, and decrease of turgor, skin sagging, etc. The high fluidity of the filler compared to the usual ones allows Profhilo to add volume and rejuvenate even the most difficult areas: chin, neck, zones under the jawline. So, what effect to expect after the injection?

  • Remodeling of the facial contours;
  • Restoring of the clear jawline outline;
  • Rejuvenating of the skin on the neck and d?collet?;
  • Making the skin more radiant.

Peculiarities of the Profhilo treatment procedure

This is one more difference with traditional dermal fillers that provide mainly local effect. For example, you want to plump your lips or eliminate the wrinkles on the forehead. Profhilo works differently because it aims at general overall rejuvenating of the injection area. Thus, if you want to improve the appearance of your face, the doctor will inject the treatment into five target areas on the face, chosen in accordance with your physiological peculiarities (there should not be large vessels and nerve endings). In the case with the neck, there will be ten of such points. The technology is called ?5 BET?.

Thus, with Profhilo, you cannot plump your cheekbones or lips, define the jawline, or straighten the nose. This is a variant for those who are not interested in changing the facial features. This is a story about natural beauty and youth.

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Effect and duration

Traditional fillers provide immediate visible results. Profhilo takes time as it works on the deeper layers, and its aim is to rejuvenate it from the inside, boost the production of the core elements, such as collagen and elastin, lift the contours. You will see the improvement of your skin condition on the second day after the procedure. However, it will reach its maximum until the end of the three-months term, when the filler will restore the inner matrix of the skin, and all processes will be relaunched.

This treatment deeply hydrates the tissues, so the skin looks fresh, radiant, and beautiful. Later on, due to more intense collagen and elastic production, the contours lift, and the patient notices general plumping of the tissues that leads to the general younger-looking appearance. This effect will be preserved for 8-10 months in total.


Profhilo is a new word in the sphere of cosmetology and dermal fillers, a wonderful solution for those seeking a natural and beautiful rejuvenating effect that provides radiance, hydration, and lifting. Now, Profhilo is popular in the USA, Europe, Asia, and other continents. Despite its unique technology and impressive effects, Profhilo cost is still very pleasant and affordable for a vast number of men and women. You can freely combine it with other fillers or use it as an independent treatment. The choice is yours. In any case, we are sure you will like the result.