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Most cosmetic procedures and skincare tips we hear about daily aim to maintain facial skin’s young and flawless appearance. And even though it’s undoubtedly essential and must be remembered, a proper skincare regime for the neck is as important as all the procedures for the face. If the health of the neck skin is neglected, it’s noticed immediately due to a striking contrast between pampered, smooth facial dermis and a sagging neck with discoloration marks. Luckily, there is a solution for every problem, and the injectables for neck wrinkles are one of them. Today, we would like to dedicate this article to one of the most popular and helpful options known for the unique neck region – Profhilo dermal filler. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind structure and peculiar composition, it works perfectly for all patients’ requests and needs, making it one of the most helpful brands used in aesthetic medicine.

But before we start the article:

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Brunette young woman showing her neck area

The Definition of the Profhilo Treatment

Profhilo neck injections are widely used in cosmetic beauty for skin rejuvenation and refreshment. The product is based on hyaluronic acid; the substance is purified and has a non-animal origin, making this brand safe for people with different requests and aesthetic goals. By using just one filler, it’s possible to boost skin texture, tone, coloration, and general condition of the dermis, and the results are long-lasting and natural-looking. Not to mention that HA is a naturally found component in the body, so the chances of adverse reactions or post-treatment complications are lower compared to other cosmetic injectables.

Pure hyaluronic acid are not painful or difficult, plus they are non-invasive, and that’s why the process itself is easy and doesn’t require much time. Besides, there is a possibility of using a special anesthetic for patients with sensitive skin, as the neck region can be pretty sensitive. Once the procedure is over, people can return to their daily tasks without worrying about any prominent visible flaws.

How Exactly Does Profhilo Work?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Profhilo is an injectable hyaluronic acid product that is perfectly compatible with the human body. Once the administration is performed and the gel is infused under the skin into the previously defined spots, the improvement begins. The active substance stimulates collagen and elastin production in the body, thus having a positive effect on skin quality. Thanks to that, wrinkled skin becomes smoother, firmer, and more glowing, not to mention HA hydration improvement, which significantly improves the general skin moisture level. One of the best qualities of Profhilo is that it has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid, so the intensity of the results is quite high as well. With time, the effect fades away, so it’s important to schedule the treatments regularly and ensure the body doesn’t fully absorb the gel.

How Can Profhilo Help with Neck Rejuvenation?

Neck skin is naturally less firm than the facial, that’s why aging signs are more noticeable in this zone. After the age of 25, the natural production of collagen and elastin slows down, the skin loses its elasticity, and firmness weakens. Thus, people notice a prominent sagginess in the region.

After the injectable treatment, the organism gets a great boost of high-quality HA, so all the essential processes in the body are boosted for the skin to regain its structure. Just like dermal fillers for the face, Profhilo for the neck restores volume, hydrates the dermis, and makes the neck more youthful.

Essential Steps in the Profhilo Treatment Course

Just like any other procedure for skin health, Profhilo treatment is performed in a few essential steps. They are quick and easy, but still, it’s important to understand them to have a clear picture of what to expect during the injection session. Inform your patients about the following:

  • Consultation in the doctor’s office. First, a qualified specialist tells a person whether Profhilo is the right option for them. They analyze the current skin situation and health condition, define goals, and create a treatment plan based on all of those factors. The recommended number is two treatments, but it differs from patient to patient, and that’s why consultation with a medical professional is so important;
  • The administration session. To see prominent results, two sessions are typically enough. Additional procedures may be required to correct the effect and reach the desired goals. Each appointment should be at least four weeks apart to let the results appear fully. During the session, the solution is administered into previously defined spots to distribute the product evenly and spread under the skin for a better effect. For patients with sensitive skin, a special numbing cream can be used to minimize discomfort during the treatment;
  • Recovery. The best thing about Profhilo is its natural composition, guaranteeing a non-problematic recovery and fast healing. Of course, it’s still a minimally invasive treatment, so topical reactions like mild redness, swelling, or bruising are still possible. However, all the complications should be gone within a few days after the injection session.

Ways People Benefit from This Procedure

Profhilo treatment can be beneficial for many reasons, but we would like to highlight the main points:

  • Stimulating collagen and elastin production in the body. Due to this positive effect, the skin on the neck tightens and lifts, reducing sagginess and wrinkles;
  • Intense hydrating effect. Because of the high concentration of hyaluronic acid, the product provides deep skin hydration, making skin more elastic, firm, and younger-looking in general;
  • Skin improvement in general. All the essential aspects – skin tone, texture, structure – are perfected with a series of Profhilo injectables, providing patients with striking results and a rejuvenated appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid Injectable Safety Rules: Side Effects and Aftercare

As we have already mentioned, Profhilo injectable moisturizer is a safe product with natural components in its base, meaning severe side effects are rare after the treatment. Most individuals experience topical irritations, which are typically gone after a few days. In the worst-case scenario, people may experience allergic reactions, trouble breathing/swallowing, and painful sensations. If any of those symptoms are noticed, a medical professional must be informed immediately for a consultation and proper medical help.

The aftercare rules are quite similar to the facial fillers’ ones: don’t visit places with high temperatures, don’t rub the injection spots to avoid irritation, and stop taking blood-thinning medications for at least a week before and after the treatment. If all doctor’s instructions are followed, all the adverse reactions should be gone within a week, and patients should notice prominent improvement very quickly.

The Bottom Line: What to Expect from the Neck Profhilo Treatment?

Profhilo injections work perfectly for neck rejuvenation; with the help of a procedure course, specialists can smooth out the skin, get rid of annoying wrinkles, treat an under-eye area and ensure the dermis is firm and tight. As a bonus, Profhilo’s composition is an excellent stimulator of the skin’s natural collagen, meaning it provides long-lasting results that sometimes last for up to three years. That’s a unique quality that distinguishes Profhilo from many other dermal fillers available on the market for skin rejuvenation. To understand what product better fulfills one’s needs, talking to a specialist is essential, and that’s why consultation in the doctor’s office is always an important step. Hopefully, this article was a nice reminder of all the unique qualities of Profhilo. Revisit the blog for more exciting information in the future!