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Dysport – a unique solution that can deal with any conditions caused by hyperactive muscles. Whether you are concerned about medical conditions like chronic migraines or smile lines – this injectable will be your perfect and effective treatment!

This option is affordable and long-lasting, suitable for patients with different requests, and efficient in most cases despite the final goal. Today’s article is dedicated to one of the most popular questions customers ask doctors before the injection session – how long does Dysport need to work? Knowing this will make it easier to plan the treatment, understand where to place the appointments in the calendar, and pick the best aftercare routine to see the effect faster. So, without further ado, let’s start the discussion!

What Is Dysport and How Does It Work?

Dysport is an injectable muscle relaxant, often confused with Botox due to the same active ingredient in both products. However, it’s commonly used to address moderatto severe wrinkles in the forehead areas, such as frown lines or glabellar lines. The best way to experience the full benefit of this product is by administering it in the late twenties to prevent creases; this way, the skin structure won’t be damaged, and there won’t be any visible signs of aging.

This option works well for dynamic wrinkles due to the active substance – neurotoxin. Because of its nature, the solution quickly gets to the muscles’ nerve endings and stops their contractions; that’s why facial expressions become softer, less tense, and features get visibly smoother. So, people’s appearance becomes younger-looking, skin tone and texture improve, and tense-treated muscles can finally relax.

How Many Appointments Are Required to Achieve Desired Effect?

Regarding the frequency of Dysport procedures, one treatment session is typically enough to achieve desired effects and see improvement. However, if the goal is to erase deep creases, the treatment process may take more than one appointment to relax muscles fully. In this case, an improved appearance should become visible a few weeks post the injection session, as botulinum toxin needs time to get to the muscle nerve endings and stop their contraction.

On the other hand, if Dysport is used to deal with certain medical concerns (such as cervical dystonia), at least two appointments are required to experience pain relief. Don’t forget that everything is strictly individual in this sphere, so the product’s effectiveness depends on a patient’s age, request, picked Dysport dosage, and numerous other factors.

To ensure this brand will be able to fulfill a customer’s needs, a consultation with a medical professional is required before the injection session. There, discussing the treatment’s goal, certain health conditions, warnings, and other important things is essential. This way, it’s easier to plan a safe procedure with the anti-aging injectable. 

How Long Does It Take for Dysport to Fully Work?

The effect of Dysport injections occurs in a few stages; each one may be followed by certain adverse reactions. First, a patient has to wait for all the irritations to disappear, as practically all people experience swelling, redness, bruising, and other minor side effects after the treatment. The first glimpse of the product’s work appears in four-five days after the appointment, when the skin is no longer irritated. That’s precisely how long is needed for Dysport to settle completely.

To see the final results, people must wait approximately a week; if they are unhappy with how it turned out, a follow-up treatment may be needed. Sometimes, achieving the desired effect may take a little longer, but it’s worth the wait.

Dysport and other products aimed at pausing muscle contraction are only meant for facial muscles injections. If a patient’s problem is lost volume, dermal fillers should be considered to boost their appearance. The main difference between facial fillers and Dysport is the administration spot – Dysport’s target is overactive muscles. At the same time, HA gels are meant to be injected under the skin to fill in deep creases and lines caused by the aging process. 

Dysport to Fully Work

Can I Enjoy the Results of the Treatment Sooner?

If you want to try Dysport to boost your looks before an important event, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment a few weeks before it. Doing so will give the body enough time to adjust to the solution; all side effects should disappear by that time as well.

These few simple steps are quite helpful to make the recovery process faster and see skin improvement in no time. You may try them at home easily, safely and without worrying about post-injection complications:

  • Performing a special massage on the treated zone. First of all, remember that this step is possible only if a doctor instructs you to do so and shows special techniques that won’t cause problems in the future. The massage should be performed for four days, three times per day, there minutes per session. Don’t be too rough, and don’t put too much pressure on the area. The main goal of the massage is for the adverse reactions to disappear faster;
  • Exercise the muscles that were treated with Dysport. Yes, you’ve read it correctly, exercise the muscles. The more they are activated, the faster the product will settle in the target zone. Within four hours after the doctor’s appointment, move your face for 10 minutes every hour. Squint or raise your eyebrows, open your mouth wide, and make those muscles work!

Sometimes, specialists may give individual recommendations according to a person’s body peculiarities and other factors. Discuss this topic in advance to create the best post-treatment routine that will help you enjoy Dysport’s results faster!

How to Care About the Skin After the Treatment?

Irritations after the injection session are typically minor and don’t cause too much discomfort; most people even can go back to their schedules right after a doctor’s appointment. By following some general recommendations on the post-treatment, it’s possible to make a recovery even faster.

First of all, protect sensitive skin by applying SPF daily (it should be at least 30); consider wearing a hat for a few days to cover the face from harmful UV rays completely. Also, don’t apply pressure to the treated zone unless you are instructed to do so by a specialist. It’s essential to be careful during sleep not to roll on your belly on accident, as sleeping on your face may affect the final results significantly; we recommend looking for a special neck pillow that kind of keeps your head fixed in one position. Lastly, stabilizing blood pressure is great not to irritate the treatment area; avoid these to be safe:

  • Cigarettes, alcohol, etc.;
  • Excessive heat (like hot showers or bathtubs, solariums, saunas, etc.);
  • Heavy exercising;
  • Caffeine and spicy food.

It’s also better to reschedule your dentist’s appointment till the product is fully settled and can’t migrate to the closest facial zones. If you open your mouth wide, the product may shift to the places it wasn’t meant to be present and spoil one’s appearance significantly.

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To Sum Up: When Will I See Dysport’s Effect?

Dysport is an excellent injectable that may be used to deal with numerous medical and aesthetic conditions. It’s effective, affordable, and safe; no wonder so many people select it to keep their appearance youthful and glowing. The best thing about this type of injectable is that it’s long-lasting (works up to four months), and its effect becomes visible pretty fast – just after a few days.

To ensure this option is suitable for one’s needs, it’s better to discuss it with a doctor first, along with the cosmetic request and current health situation. Afterward, the treatment may begin to remove aging signs and help people reach their desired appearance!