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Winter is believed to be one of the best seasons for cosmetic treatments. During summer, the sun is too harsh, significantly worsening the recovery process and affecting the results. Thus, specialists all around the world emphasize the beneficial results people may experience if they go through all their treatments in winter. However, many patients still worry about the potential complications they can experience during winter, as plenty of myths go around in the cosmetic beauty sphere. So, we are here today to shed some light on the real picture of how winter weather can affect a patient’s weather experience and the way to make the process more pleasant for everyone. Share the article with those who may find it helpful!

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Young woman preparing to receive dermal filler injection during winter

Does Cold Weather Actually Affect Facial Fillers?

Cold temperatures can affect our skin, that’s true. People go through various skin changes during winter; we may experience redness and rash more often, and some individuals must deal with sores on the facial surface all the time. However, when it comes to filler treatments, there’s nothing to worry about, as cold temperatures cannot affect this product. Moreover, specialists recommend scheduling all your cosmetic procedures for winter because sun exposure is minimal during those months, so the recovery after the procedure doesn’t last as long as it does during summer. That’s why we highly recommend considering this option for your needs and plan all the treatments while it’s still cold. Here are a few examples you may have heard of for a better understanding of all the most ridiculous rumors regarding dermal filler treatment during winter.

Common Myths About Dermal Fillers and Winter

As we were saying, understanding the difference between myths and truth about using dermal fillers during the winter season is vital to planning your procedures and maintaining a youthful appearance for a long time. So, presenting you some of the craziest rumors we’ve heard about fillers during winter months:

  • Cold weather affect the filler. Wrong! For some individuals, low temperatures can even have a beneficial effect. Specialists even recommend applying a cold compress after the injection session to reduce swelling and decrease the chances of bruising. Just make sure you’re not pressing onto the recently treated zone to prevent accidental filler migration;
  • Hyaluronic acid feelers can freeze under the skin. Most patients are concerned about their lip injections, which is understandable. Still, don’t forget that our bodies have the same base temperature, so the gel is well-protected and cannot be affected even by the harshest winter cold;
  • Receiving fillers during holidays is a bad idea. Believe it or not, Botox and dermal filler injections are among the most popular procedures during the winter season. Adverse reactions are minor after these treatments, and the improvement is immediately noticeable. That refers to traditional wrinkles reduction, as well as well-known and loved lip fillers. Thus, many individuals decide to visit a doctor’s office before Christmas to take plenty of incredible holiday photos with the family.

Can Fillers Improve Skin Situation During Cold Months?

In order for the skin to stay hydrated when the temperature drops, it’s essential to follow certain skincare rules and don’t forget about the importance of proper self-care. That’s where hyaluronic acid fillers become incredibly useful, as HA is a natural component with the ability to attract moisture to the target area, and thus, it may help to hydrate skin and reach quite impressive results with just a few treatments. To understand the number of sessions to deal with dryness, it’s important to visit a doctor’s office and discuss all the issues; based on the examination results, the injection plan can be created with a board-certified specialist.

Do Side Effects Worsen When It’s Cold?

Experiencing adverse reactions after the filler treatment is natural, as it belongs to minimally invasive procedures that still involve needles. Skin is punctured to administer the gel, and some time is required for the product to settle properly in the target spot. This is exactly why most patients experience local skin irritations and need to wait until all the negative reactions fade away. And that’s why some side effects can worsen during cold winter months. Here’s what you should remember and keep in mind before the injection session:

  • Skin redness. When the temperature outside is low, people may notice redness as a reaction to the cold surroundings. The main reason is the increased blood flow to the face, as the body tries to warm up the exposed areas. If a person recently received a filler injection, the inflammation may worsen, and recovery may need more time for a person to go back to normal;
  • Tenderness. Skin tends to be more sensitive after cosmetic injections, and this condition may cause great discomfort to an individual at any time. During winter, sensitivity may become even higher, so it’s better to be ready for this condition;
  • Bruising. This issue is also common, as tiny marks are left on the facial surface due to the needle puncture. When it’s cold outside, bruising may worsen due to the increased blood flow. Still, the problem should disappear on its own within a few days.

Extra Precautions That Can Preserve Skin During Winter

Luckily for all the dermal filler enthusiasts, there are a few precautions that may be useful to avoid post-treatment complications during winter. They are easy to follow, and anyone can practice them at home. Remember these valuable tips and tricks:

Pick high-quality moisturizing products. A good moisturizer creates a nice protective barrier between the skin and the outer world, so we recommend looking for the options that would work for your needs;

Turn down the temperature in the shower. Hot water melts the natural oils on our skin, thus rinsing them away. To maintain proper skin hydration, try to get used to taking warm showers instead of washing yourself in boiling-hot water;

Stay hydrated. It may sound a little cliche, but drinking plenty of water hydrates your skin from within, and thus, beneficial influence is noticeable on the outside;

Try using a humidifier. Indoor heating used to keep the house warm dries out the air significantly, making your lips and skin dry. So, invest in a nice humidifier to forget about this problem and stay warm during winter.

To Summarise the Discussion

Cold weather is believed to be one of the best times to try any cosmetic treatments. The sun is not as harsh during winter, so the healing process afterward is much easier, and people can have a more positive experience in the doctor’s office with minimal discomfort afterward. Some myths are going around the newcomers in this sphere, such as dermal fillers can freeze under your skin when it’s too cold, but it’s nothing more than just rumors. Using HA injectables during winter is completely safe, and anyone can try them and enjoy lasting improvement and a youthful appearance for a long time. Thank you for visiting the blog, and stay tuned for more exciting articles in the future!