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The sphere of beauty has its fashion trends. Coming and going from year to year, they constantly replace each other. At the same time, however, there exist fashion trends that come back with a certain frequency. So, how about checking out the list of the so-called retro revivals or, in other words, outdated beauty trends coming back in 2024?


Fashion trends in the sphere of beauty constantly come and go. While smooth, glowing, and well-hydrated skin is always in style. It can be achieved with the help of professional cosmetic injectables, starting from dermal fillers and ending with botulinum toxins. If you are currently looking for an online store to buy brand-name cosmetic injectables online, check out what BeautyDermal offers.

What Are Beauty Trends?

Above anything else, let us discuss what is a beauty trend (or, in other words, a fashion trend in the sphere of beauty). Simply speaking, it might be defined as a particular style, technique, or aesthetic preference that remains popular among people directly related to the beauty sphere for a certain period of time. It is also worth mentioning that fashion trends in the sphere of beauty usually encompass the following aspects:

  • Clothing;
  • Hairstyle;
  • Makeup;
  • Skincare;
  • And so on.

Even though each above-mentioned aspect, starting from the wardrobe and ending with hair, is of vital importance, this article will primarily deal with outdated makeup and skincare fashion trends coming back in 2024. In other words, we will primarily discuss things like eye makeup, skin tints, lip shapes, and other makeup and skincare-related trends when talking about current tendencies in the sphere of beauty.

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Who Defines Beauty Trends?

Each fashion trend in the sphere of beauty is influenced and shaped by a combination of different factors. Namely, it is not a single person who might define what is going to be popular for a certain period of time. Otherwise, these tendencies emerge from a complex interplay of various sources, such as:

  • Fashion and beauty industry. Namely, fashion designers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and beauty professionals play a significant role in setting trends. For instance, the revival of vintage styles is, most probably, caused by current tendencies in vintage fashion (including vintage clothing, shoes, outfits, and even nail art);
  • Celebrities and influencers. Quite frequently, famous people such as celebrities and influencers do a great job when it comes to causing a modern twist in the sphere of beauty. For example, if more and more social media personalities start promoting either an eclectic clothing style or an old money style, these styles might gain popularity in the new year;
  • Consumer preferences. No matter whether we are talking about statement jewelry pieces or bold prints, these trends are strongly influenced by customer choices. More precisely, consumer behavior, feedback, and purchasing patterns have a significant on which tendencies gain traction and become mainstream;
  • Cultural influences. It is also important to mention that a great number of cultural movements and traditions contribute to the evolution of beauty tendencies. Moreover, combinations of different cultural influences oftentimes lead to the creation of a unique style on the global level of 2024 fashion;
  • And so on.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, beauty tendencies might also be defined by numerous other things. For instance, it is quite interesting how Pinterest predicts what serum foundations, lipsticks, or eyeshadows are going to achieve a new life and help representatives of the younger generation (or, in other words, GEN Z) boost their self-expression with their fashion choices in 2024.

Beauty Trends 2024

What Are the Top 5 Outdated Beauty Trends Coming Back in 2024?

Quite frequently, new trends in the sphere of beauty are not actually fully “new.” More precisely, it is likely that they had already been popular during a certain period of time, became outdated, and now come back and, therefore, achieve a new life.

Below, you will be able to check out the top 5 rather outdated beauty tendencies coming back in 2024.

Trend #1. “90s” Lips

Not only do such vintage pieces as a “bow outfit,” a “badminton outfit,” or an “eclectic grandpa outfit” come back from the ’90s in 2024 but also the so-called “’90s” lips rapidly regain their popularity these days. Namely, a well-defined lip shape with a vivid lip contour has all the chances to substitute the ongoing trend aiming to achieve a natural-looking lip shape and contour.


It is worth mentioning that dermal filler injections offer endless possibilities for creating different lip shapes and contours. By administering lip fillers, certified healthcare providers (such as dermatologists, cosmetologists, or plastic surgeons) have the power to provide patients with the lips of their dreams in a quick, safe, and effective way.

Trend #2. “Blue Beauty” Makeup

The so-called “blue beauty” makeup is also currently regaining popularity. Namely, the bolder and brighter than ever aquamarine makeup created with the help of cool silver tones of shades and pastel-blue eyeshadow options is what people in 2024 wear with more and more fun and enjoyment.


Even though we are not delving into the discussion of home decor tendencies in this article, it is worth mentioning that you might expect to see vintage blue patterns (together with bold chrome colors) when going through numerous home décor magazines in 2024.

Trend #3. “Twiggy-Inspired” Lashes

Twiggy, an English model, actress, and singer from the ’60s has gained world popularity in the sphere of beauty not only due to her vintage clothing but also her spidery lashes that are very likely to make a comeback these days.

In other words, there exists a high possibility of seeing exaggerated length and definition with the use of innovative mascaras and falsies in 2024, regardless of any gender restrictions (since both males and females in the fashion sphere tend to enlarge their lashes nowadays).

Trend #4. Vintage Jazz Accessories

Many people see the jazz era revival as a major shift in the world of beauty and fashion in 2024. Thus, enriching one’s wardrobe with a pair of vintage accessories is a must-have this year. In other words, hair scarves, claw clips, decorative bobby pins, and similar “jewels” of thrift stores are likely to manifest jazz revival these days.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the above-mentioned accessories are preferable to be made of recycled materials and natural fibers. The main reason for this is the ongoing trend for clothing, makeup, and even food sustainability.

Trend #5. “Au-Naturel” Brows

Last but not least, it is important to state that natural and untamed brows reminiscent of the ’70s are slowly making a comeback these days. Their natural shapes and textures confidently substitute heavily filled-in brows.

Due to this growing popularity of “au-naturel” brows, untinted brow gels and lightweight pomades are chosen by the most popular style and makeup artists all over the world. While diligently tinted brow gels and heavyweight pomades are primarily left in the past.

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A Bottom Line

All in all, the 2024 fashion trends are full of retro revivals, no matter whether we are talking about “grandpa core” oversized blazers or the strictly defined lips of the ’90s. As a famous proverb says, “Everything new is a well-forgotten old.” And beauty tendencies are not an exclusion here.