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The variety of dermal fillers in the aesthetic medicine sphere nowadays is truly impressive. Various ingredients, densities, and purposes allow people to choose the best solutions, particularly for their needs. However, one of the most well-known products in this sphere is Juvederm. This brand is Allergan’s creation, which is an excellent company with an outstanding reputation. The variety of Juvederm injectables guarantees treatment success, as a medical professional is undoubtedly able to fulfill one’s needs perfectly without involving any other procedures. Surely, everyone would be happy to prolong Juvederm’s excellent results, but is it possible?

Today, our team would like to share some tips on how to help Juvederm cosmetic treatments last longer and look as authentic as possible. Share it with your patients for them to expand their knowledge in this marvelous aesthetic medicine field. We believe you want to give your patients the best experience, so what are you waiting for?

Before We Start the Discussion:

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Juvederm longevity

The Expected Longevity of Juvederm Injectable Treatment

Most hyaluronic acid-based injectables are quite long-lasting. Whether it’s a lip filler or a contouring injectable, the average longevity of Juvederm is six to eighteen months. The number depends on the gel’s density, HA concentration in the product, the size of the target area, and some other essential aspects. Still, it’s important to set realistic goals, as some people often come to the clinic and expect the effect to last for years, which is only possible if you use injectables with denser synthetic ingredients, like CaHA or poly-L-lactic acid.

What Factors Affect Juvederm’s Durability?

There are a few key factors that should be considered to understand Juvederm’s expected longevity, such as:

  • The type of Juvederm used for a dermal filler treatment;
  • The cosmetic goal for the procedure and severity of the condition;
  • A patient’s age, skin type, current skincare routine, etc.;
  • The experience of the medical professional who performs the session.

As all of the aspects above work together, each person may expect different longevity from the treatment. For a better understanding, it’s highly recommended to discuss all the nuances during the consultation before the Juvederm administration.

How to Make Juvederm Dermal Fillers Last Longer?

Now that we understand Juvederm’s working principles better, let’s discuss how to maintain the results longer and keep skin healthy and glowing. This information is helpful, so we recommend sharing it with your patients to make the treatment course easier for them to comprehend.

#1. Only Visit a Reputable Medical Professional

In order to see Juvederm’s results flourish, it’s vital to choose an experienced and qualified medical professional to perform the procedure. The same situation with many other cosmetic treatments. A proper gel dose and precise injections lead to natural-looking skin improvement, which is the ultimate goal of everyone interested in aesthetic medicine. Check out reviews, ask about the recommendations, and make sure a person is a real professional.

#2. Follow a Proper Aftercare Routine

For the outcome to be top-notch, each patient must follow aftercare recommendations to ensure Juvederm settles properly under the skin. Among the most helpful pieces of advice, we can highlight the following: eliminate sun exposure, avoid places with high temperatures, don’t apply pressure to the treated zone to prevent filler migration, pause strenuous exercises, etc. The results should be visible after a few days when all the side effects disappear entirely. If there are any complications, a doctor must be informed about them straight away.

#3. Follow a Personally Planned Maintenance Plan

To ensure Juvederm doesn’t wear off completely and continues working for a long time, it is important to schedule maintenance treatments to restore the gel and keep skin hydrated, plump, and healthy. The frequency of the session mainly depends on one’s body peculiarities, so it’s vital to discuss it in the doctor’s office to create a personalized scheme that would work for you.

#4. Incorporate Healthy Lifestyle Changes

The aging process often depends on numerous factors, one of which is lifestyle. There are a few things you may consider doing, like incorporating stress relief techniques into your routine for your mental health or eliminating processed and packaged foods in your diet for gut health. Consider what would work for your case, and you’ll see the effect in no time.

#5. Use Proper Skincare Routine

Of course, Juvederm dermal fillers were created to preserve one’s rejuvenated looks, but sometimes they need support to work properly. And what can be a better support than a correctly picked skincare routine that keeps skin healthy and smooth? Cleanser, moisturizer, anti-aging treatments, and sunscreen have an excellent effect on one’s skin in the long run, so we definitely recommend investing in high-quality products and ensuring they all are suitable for your dermis according to the skin type, age, and other essential aspects. You may consult with a specialist to create the right routine for yourself.

What Causes Dermal Filler Results to Fade?

To maintain youthful skin, you should understand all the nuances of the Juvederm treatment. And while it’s good to know how to make the results last longer, it’s also crucial to be aware of the main reasons for dermal filler fading. Below, we’ll list all the most common points that can help you comprehend the topic better:

  • Injection location. Typically, Juvederm wears off faster in facial areas that are more active. That’s why lip fillers and perioral fillers may last less than those used in cheeks for contouring;
  • Dosage. We believe everything is understandable here. The higher the dose you use – the longer the results will last. However, mind that with Juvederm, higher doses also mean a more prominent volume, so you should pick the number of units based on the appearance goals;
  • The type of dermal filler used for the treatment. Different Juvederm injectables vary in HA concentration and density, so the product may fade faster if the hyaluronic acid concentration is low. This nuance should be discussed with a medical professional when you plan a treatment session;
  • The body’s uniqueness. Genetic factors, age, health situation, and numerous other factors are vital for Juvederm’s results. Therefore, all of them should be considered to better understand the procedure’s expectations.


Juvederm dermal fillers work with hyaluronic acid, which is why these injectables provide the most natural-looking results known out there. The average longevity of the filler is six to twelve months, but the effect can be slightly expanded if patients follow certain doctors’ recommendations, including following a proper aftercare routine, scheduling maintenance treatments on time, and picking the best aftercare routine for their needs. If these recommendations are followed, a positive influence will be noticeable in no time, so share this article with your clients to ensure there is an understanding of the importance of their own actions. Check out more helpful articles in our blog!