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Bonviva Injection (3mg/3ml)
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The product can de find in two solutions: injection and tablets. One pre-filled syringe contains 3 mg ibandronic acid.

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About Bonviva injection

Bonviva injectable product, the main component of which is ibandronic acid. The concentration of ibandronic acid in the solution for injection is 1mg per ml. The drug is designed to treat osteoporosis in postmenstrual women.

How can I buy Bonviva injection online individually and buy Bonviva injection wholesale?

BeautyDermal is an online store where you can buy Bonviva injection online and also buy Bonviva injection wholesale. Beauty dermal is a Bonviva supplier. Bonviva injection price varies in different ranges in different online stores, but we at Beauty Dermal offers an affordable price and the best delivery terms.

What are the benefits of Bonviva injection?

The product acts on bone tissue and thus it is taken for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in postmenstrual women with an increased risk of fractures. The product prevents the risk of vertebral and hip fractures. Ibandronic acid inhibits bone resorption. In general, ibandronic acid prevents bone destruction caused by experimental blockade of the function of the gonads, retinoids, tumors and tumor extracts.

What contraindications to use Bonviva injection?

Bonviva is not intended for patients who are sensitive to the components of the product. The use of the drug is unacceptable when the patient is suffering from hypocalcemia. It is forbidden to administer the product to pregnant women and it is not recommended to give injections to people under 30 years of age. Consult a physician or specialist before completing treatment.

Bonviva Injection (3mg/3ml) reviews:

Karson Bernal

Bonviva is something new for me, I need some time to understand how I feel about it. But the experience here was truly positive. Thank you.

Dr. Carolyn

Thank you, Beauty Dermal, for your fast work. I thought I screwed up when I suddenly ran out of Bonviva in my clinic!

Chris Hill

Nice product, I like its working principle and effect. The delivery was fast, so I am completely satisfied with the service. Thanks!

Lindsay Clay

Very effective product, it can cure the initial stages of the disease, patients are satisfied.

Lucas Conors

Most effective for women during menopause. In other cases, I prefer other products.

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